Valentino Speaks

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A Practical Guide to the Movie Called 'LIFE' ~ Rudolph Valentino shares his Wisdom from Beyond.   

Italian actor, American pop icon, 1920's sex symbol, dedicated spiritualist. Stars never stop shining and this is especially true where Rudy is concerned! Now, almost a century later, Medium Wayne Hatford has again given him voice, with Valentino offering a unique take on every topic he examines.

Would you like a better understanding of how our lives intersect with Spirit, they are intertwined? Valentino Speaks is a veritable treasure trove of useful information, presented in a series of gem-like vignettes organized alphabetically by subject matter. Start with A and proceed through to Z, or use it as a meditation, picking a page or topic at random each day. Whatever your method, you are about to embark on a remarkable voyage, exploring this world, and the next, in stellar company!

"This book is about helping people flourish in the midst of momentous change by focusing on the most creative aspects of ordinary dilemmas."



One of the greatest lovers the world
has ever known returns to the spotlight
as gifted teacher and metaphysician.