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Valentino Filmography ~ “The Young Rajah”

“Perhaps my most ambitious film in terms of blatant proselytizing ~ in a good way, of course! “The Young Rajah” was designed, by June Mathis, to open many a door. The plot was hoary, not too slick, yet the message was right on the mark in the sense that the screenplay normalized what some of you still see as exotic, or too far-fetched. Amos was a dreamer, yes ~ a seer, a gifted man in terms of being able to manifest with ease. All these are truths and really the norm, rather than exception. So I was modeling spiritual practice here though the story a bit goofy, at least from the viewpoint of critics and some movie-goers. But June had the last word, creative license, and prevail she did!

The script itself was a bit of a potboiler, some aspects of it inane and I did not like the film at that time, thinking it lacking, but now I find it sublime, uniting what’s diverse, elements from everywhere, cultures and societies. Wanda (co-star, Wanda Hawley) was not very accessible, rather perfunctory in her affectation but we were adequate on screen, believable as a couple. And, there were individual moments that sparkled ~ like all the gems in ‘La Cave d’Ali Baba.’  My tear, the cheers, a young man’s fancies. An interesting picturization this film, and in certain scenes really effective, with memorable images searing the imagination. June’s quote in one of the intertitles is notable too so I leave you with that thought. Also, abbracci a tutti!” (Hugs to everyone!) ~ Rudolph Valentino

“Men should be judged not by the tint of their skin

The gods they serve, the vintage that they drink

Nor by the way they fight, or love, or sin

But rather by the quality of thought they think.”

(Intertitle from The Young Rajah, Paramount, 1922.)


Conceptually, BE-Attitude advocates directing one’s attention towards ‘BEING’ ~ in the context of an active rather than passive verb. The best and highest use of BE-Attitude is to unabashedly self-validate. This is critical if we are to have confidence in ourselves. It is imperative to focus on BEING above all else. Why? Because it is then and only then that we can claim our full measure of confidence.

Depending on circumstances, we are either more or less confident. I, for example, felt more confident in some areas of my life as compared to others, which is normal. However, I would like to share a concept that I used to good advantage, especially during my early days in Hollywood. Be single-minded where confidence is concerned, which is to say embody BE-Attitude. This translates as directing all of your confidence or as much of it as you can muster into the project or goal at hand in order to ensure its success. Though perhaps only common sense, there is also a greater principle at play. By staging confidence within prescribed parameters, it becomes more potent and therefore even more accessible to those who possess it. Containment always intensifies whatever it is that is being contained.

This approach does not necessarily imply that one’s confidence would be diminished elsewhere. It simply means that success always lies within our reach when the full force of our confidence is applied to whatever is in progress. If diffused or too broadly scattered, confidence loses its punch. We are at our most effective not only when confidence is in full bloom but also when it’s directed at finding creative solutions for particular problems.” ~ Rudolph Valentino


I realize that I am stating the obvious when I say that it is extremely important to always know that you are present. Without pro-actively knowing that you are a subset of Universal Mind and therefore a co-Creator, you cannot feel confident about anything. So, adopt a BE-Attitude. Doing so will certainly put you ‘in the mood,’ the key to having a happy and productive life.” ~ R.Valentino Guglielmi



A state of mind, evoked each December. An incantation and invocation for the best and brightest, the highest good, the most sterling qualities one could ever imagine. Christmas provides us with opportunities to reflect and, in so doing, raise our vibrations to the level of White Light, which is also perceived, or rather named by some, as Christ Consciousness. An exercise in ecumenical thinking as forgiveness reigns, a sense of joy and integration. It’s the ride of a life-time and most of you find many occasions to take it, over and over again! On a personal level, I wanted to spoil Natacha and she me so we vowed to do all we could to delight and surprise each other in a myriad of ways during our first Christmas at Wedgwood Place. Shiny baubles are a part of it too, orbs; interesting that they figure in the lore and/or trappings! Drink in the smells of Christmas; they will hold you in good stead throughout the year. Stretch yourself in this season; make an effort to go outside of your comfort zone; embrace your spiritual self. I send great Love, to everyone! Tanti Auguri, a Tutti!” ~ Rudolph Valentino


Top 10 Reasons to read “Valentino Speaks”

  1. To achieve greater awareness, inner alignment and personal growth.
  2. To use it as a tool for meditation.
  3. To tango with a master dancer.
  4. To become even better acquainted with Rudolph Valentino, his eternal self.
  5. To access the wisdom of the ages, in the form of one soul entity’s points of view.
  6. To be able to thrive more easily in the midst of momentous change (what we are witnessing in the world today.)
  7. To assist in understanding how the Universe works.
  8. To gain fresh perspectives on your own life.
  9. To increase your quotient of comfortability with any number of topics.
  10. To smile, as Rudy shares his special brand of wit.


“The Hooded Falcon”

Ruminations on “The Hooded Falcon,” the film that Rudy and Natacha really wanted to make but never did:

One of the biggest projects ever, in terms of my former life-time, and it did not come to fruition! What was that all about? This film was a specter, an opium-like dream that Natacha and I bought into. We wanted to elevate public taste, dignify and exemplify, in ways that most Hollywood product of the time did not. “The Hooded Falcon” was to be an exercise in ‘hardiesse’ (daring/boldness/pluck) which is what would have been required to fully make that leap of faith, the one that was necessary for everyone who was to be involved to get on board, to back it 100%. We, meaning primarily Natacha and I, did make a serious effort but got lost in the details instead of starting with a crisp concept, which we thought would evolve by osmosis if we steeped ourselves in drawings, looks and costumes. Natacha liked to work that way and was successful when there was enough meat on the bones, ample flesh upon which she could drape costumes and use to populate sets.

I wanted this role, this picture, to be my masterpiece, a sterling example of all my creative input, as did she, and because we were quite synchronistic at the time, in a sort of harmonic convergence about this property and the reason for its existence and pursuit, we likely would have succeeded in our goals. Conceptually and with the story line, however, there still were gaps when the plug was pulled on the financial side. Could they have been assuaged, addressed, even become attributes? Most assuredly but we did not have the luxury of a bottomless pit when it came to either money or time. Still, the ‘shade’ was raised, the ghost, the vision walked and one day someone with Hollywood blood in their veins may want to dust off the idea and make the film we always wanted to – unfinished business, brought to the attention of a new century! Of course, the star should resemble me, at least a little. Why not? That would be fun! My character was to be a Saracen nobleman, by the way. Ecumenical, there was that element too. This film was intended to inspire and unite, to cause audiences, after the pageantry, intrigue and utter delight, to think a bit more, become themselves ‘of the Light.’ Ecco fatto.” (There you have it.) ~ Rudolph Valentino


Valentino Filmography: “All Night” & “A Society Sensation”

The first time in his career as an actor that Valentino was a featured player. Though not yet fully aware of the power he was able to project in subsequent films, Rudy displays his ease, his ‘désinvolture,’ in every frame of these outings, both of which were released long before he was catapulted to fame in “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.” (Again, all of Valentino’s comments and observations on this blog have been channeled by Wayne Hatford.)

My adolescence, at least in the movie industry, is represented by these pictures. I was thrilled to have a top billing in two Carmel Myers films, at a time when her name and reputation were known. A stroke of good fortune, and I embraced the experience! If you take a careful look at my acting here, it was not obviously nuanced yet still there were hints of that. Some pratfalls, yes, but I perfected my sense of timing in these confections, for that is what they were, simple ‘divertissements’ meant to make audiences smile, maybe laugh out loud a little too. I had paid attention to the great comedians of the day and how they approached their work. Then, when offered the opportunity, I applied my own spin and spin I did. In fact, a couple of the scenes were breath-taking, quite literally, like when I fell into a barrel of rainwater or had to pretend to be cramped up while swimming in the ocean. Carmel was easy to work with, a good sport, game for the physicality her roles often required. Beach boy? Not at all though I did pull that scene out of the hat, made it appear convincing (being rescued from drowning by Carmel’s character.)

These are not Valentino films that people commonly speak of but my exuberance was on display, aspects of character that never came fully out of the box on other occasions. Fondly I remember the details of all those entrances and exits ~ in and out, we ran ourselves ragged while having fun. Sun-kissed shoots, through a ‘universal’ lens!” ~ Rudolph Valentino


Homage to Valentino

This was written by Chris Cipollini and originally posted on his blog at in memory of Rudolph Valentino. Poignant and insightful, poetic and delightful!

“As long as time should go by, like so many wilted leaves on a koi pond, may none forget the name of Rudolpho Alfonzo Raffaelo Pierre Filibert di Valentina ‘d Antonguolla, Rudolph Valentino to you and me. Though he has since lapsed into the mortal compass of space and time, into that cruel man-made delusion of death, his name lingers with a profound gaiety as someone who, by the hands of angels, brought magic and artistry to the world.

Few names of that time have since been recollected in such a fashion. The Swansons and Arbuckles, the Gishes and the Fairbanks clan reside in but a small collective consciousness by a devoted handful. Yet, in such a name, Valentino permeates the mists of the Hollywood hillsides and the memories of the entranced throngs in generations past and present. In the pervasive presence of memory, his influence lingers still.

Young men will slick their hair back and wear tailored suits and red roses in their breast pockets. Young girls will swoon over his exquisite features and impeccable manners. They will fantasize they are at the center of his lingering gaze, and beg him to go wherever he desires. A man of many talents, genuine and true to his inner aura. One who never forgot a kindness and was a true gentleman to his last breath. A man of good humor and profound wisdom. A seeker of truth; one who lived life in abundance.

Condemned by some, adored by others. His passions both romanticized and damned. His loves varied and colorful. His admirers amusing and motley.

Rudolpho. It has never fallen away. You merely passed. Your spark is undying. It is everlasting and piqued with the ferocity of a lion. Your body does indeed repose, as the opportunistic and naive trod upon its marble doorstep. Yet this is of little reverence to you in your state. In your wake, you leave a trail of icons: a Spanish cape of a beloved bullfighter, the headdress of an amorous Arab, the pipe of a nefarious cad, poetry novels, a book scrawled with intricate sketches of automobiles and musical notes. Simple, sacred leavings of a man who was on time, yet his world was late. The marvelous markings of the little boy who loved horses.

He still exists.” ~ Chris Cipollini, August 2011



The colors you choose to have in your living space constitute your personal palette. As Rudolph Valentino, two of my favorites were smoky gray and dark red. Color is a feast for the eyes, sometimes a sight for sore ones too! Where would we be were it not for color? It provides us with a frame of reference, allows us to play favorites and drenches our environments with splashes of reality. To paint a wall, for example, is to give it a dose of love. Each color has a different vibration, and those who are truly gifted know how to combine them to create masterpieces. That is what great artists do, all the time.

Color either soothes an environment or makes it more alive. Have some of both on the menu. Stark combinations can also be fun. Remember, not everything has to match! Color was one of my hobbies; I loved all the nuances. Playing with color is like dancing with shadows ~ always enjoyable but sometimes difficult to grasp. Gray is the most neutral color, by the way, not beige. That’s because it’s halfway between black and white. Have a signature color too, one you’re noted for. It will help enhance your vibration. The repetitiveness of wearing a particular color is what does the trick!” ~ Rudolph Valentino


Colin Farrell

Valentino’s essence spontaneously comments on Colin’s work as an actor, from the ‘Other Side.’

Astutely, I would call it, is how you approach each part, wily, too ~ a lizard sunning on a rock, soaking up all the details. Then you launch, propel yourself into the role, repel off of what the character is not also. By the way, I note your appreciation of the macabre and for that reason the vampire role (in “Fright Night”) was a hoot – a rogue and, very strangely, sort of a gentleman at the same time. Peaks and valleys in your career and personal life. More of a peak now, a culmination time.” ~ Rudolph Valentino


Intuitional Dissonance

When what is intuited does not come to pass there are many reasons why, competition, for one ~ for the same ‘potential’ highway. Think of potentials and possibilities as intersecting lines, a grid or web of interconnecting highways, though in this case energetic. The occasional traffic light may slow things down or put someone else’s vehicle in front of yours. Yes, what ‘our’ intuition (and I speak of those of you who are in the body) divines might only be correct half of the time. The other half is subject to corrugation, an excess of variables. However, the more you hone your intuition, the more accurate you become. It is like a muscle always waiting to be flexed. This is not exact science but I hope you have understood the complexity involved. Human intuition has its limits yet it’s something we must continue to explore and, as necessary as breathing.” ~ Rudolph Valentino