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Rex Ingram

Two peacocks loathe to groom each other, this was the essence of my interaction with Rex. He could and probably also should have been an actor, as well as a director ~ so multi-talented was he. Directing me in “The Conquering Power,” he wanted “parco” instead of passionate, for me to be dryer ~ a bit more of a twit too – the spoiled boy who has to try harder to adapt. But I saw the part as I saw it, and though he thought I tried to upstage Alice, (Alice Terry, Ingram’s wife) I did not, which you, the viewer, will agree, upon screening the results. Rex imagined what was not. Alice and I had excellent rapport but we were not physically attracted to each other. And, there was also a smidgen of resentment on both our parts. He felt he should have received more praise for “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” and I thought he was trying to crimp my style, turn down my voltage, on our second outing. Karmic disturbances that have now been adjusted and regulated ~ mere bagatelles, my friends! Nothing all that much of consequence to report about our very minor tugs of war.” ~ Rudolph Valentino

Valentino Filmography: “Beyond the Rocks”

One of my lighter efforts, where I was engaged, given the part, to toy with my celebrity, as was, and also did, my co-star, Gloria Swanson.

Dear Gloria, what a sparkling soul, that eternal twinkle in her eye! How fortunate I saw myself, being cast with someone of her stature, perhaps the lead female at Paramount in those now seemingly remote times. A series of ‘set pieces’ that film, strung together by wispy wires, what we know as plot. High society romp, an excuse for both of us to be clothes horses! Costume changes galore! Style-setting we were, and gallant was I, with Gloria’s character, furiously kissing her hand but also suavely disguising that ardor. She, and I, really enjoyed certain aspects of that screenplay ~ the social whirl and the exoticism implied by our coupling. Scandalous it was at the time, just a bit juicy. Marrying in haste, or for money, ends up laying waste. Trite perhaps, but true. And Gloria knew that too! Savvy she was! We both joked when not on camera, had some flippant moments. What a grande dame! I have nothing but the utmost respect for her ~ as a woman, as an actor!

Loved the in-studio scene where I rescued her on the snowy cliff, and the French flashback with its incarnational reverberations and import. An excellent way to read the entrails of our connection ~ as characters, of course! Parfois, nous avons parlé français sur la scène, pour mieux décaler nos efforts (sometimes we spoke French on camera, in order to better unleash/bring forth our efforts.) Paramount almost had a big hit here and the film did do reasonably well but it needed polishing, better continuity. Natacha dressed me to the nines, plus fours, and tuxes too. Such were the social circles depicted. So glad this film was revived and people were able to see it aglow, lo, so many years after the fact. Rumored that Gloria and I had rapport. Yes, that was true. We giggled at our fame and success while being faithful to what the public expected us to do.

The message was that turbulence in the water and barriers such as rocks can have some pretty startling results. Unexpected consequences, unforeseen conclusions always lie, just beyond the rocks.” ~ Rudolph Valentino


Effected and affected, the season calls us to consider the fullest of tradition ~ fruits, meals, drinks, all of which are sometimes delivered in excess. Makes us think about our baselines, wonder about indulgences, shudder at the thought of gaining weight. A reminder to all that what is needed is always provided, and that is the true definition of ‘abbondanza’ ~ not gluttony or drunkenness, not having to do with any shopaholic tendencies. Abundance sensitizes us to what we truly need and want. By frequently being offered more, as we often are during the holiday season, we are able to make conscious choices about our real desires. Still, the holiday glow is something to behold ~ sparkling candles, the glow of a fire-lit room ~ cozy, all around.

The perfect metaphor, in terms of fruit, is the apple ~ in a boar’s mouth ~ the extra touch, that beautiful though it may be, often has the effect of disincentivizing its beholder, being too much. Do not lull yourself with abbondanza, or be seduced by its wiles. Balance in all things!” ~ Rudolph Valentino

Five Reasons to Read “Going for Excelsior: Thriving in Seniorhood”

1. Gain greater balance, integration, and finesse ~ in terms of how you approach your life.

2. Attain new levels of understanding about aging.

3. Become more alert to our opportunities of living in two worlds, simultaneously. (Dream & Waking)

4. Debunk myths about Seniors and their ‘conditions.’

5. Embrace options that can help you age gracefully.


‘Seniorhood’ ~ where people often like to perceive us, once we have attained a certain age. Also, where we can choose to thrive, with clarity of purpose ~ and by design!



“Christmas: a state of mind, evoked each December. An incantation and invocation for the best and the brightest, the highest good, the most sterling qualities one could ever imagine. Christmas provides us with opportunities to reflect and, in so doing, raise our vibrations to the level of the White Light, which is also perceived, or rather named by some, as Christ Consciousness. An exercise in ecumenical thinking as forgiveness reigns, a sense of joy and integration. It’s the ride of a life-time and most of you find many occasions to take it, over and over again! Shiny baubles are a part of the picture too, orbs ~ interesting that they figure in the lore and/or trappings! Drink in the smells of Christmas; they will hold you in good stead throughout the year. Stretch yourself in this season; make an effort to go outside of your comfort zone; embrace your spiritual self!”  ~ Rudolph Valentino

Exuberancias Españolas

Luego de un viaje estupendo para España, algunos pensamientos sobre Madrid, ciudad que carece de rascacielos en su centro pero, sin embargo, da al cielo! Las estatuas surtidas, caballos de bronce por ejemplo, los muchos toques decorativos que los arquitectos dispusieron usar para decorar los pisos más altos de casi cada edificio, hacen que uno tiene que levantar los ojos y, al mismo tiempo, perderse en el medio ambiente. Estos detalles ricos que surgen por todas partes: exuberancias españolas! [Read more…]

Reflections on ‘Convegno Valentino’

For a list of the speakers at Convegno Valentino, the seminar on the life and career of Rudolph Valentino that was sponsored by the University of Turin Film Department in 2009, please click on the following link:

As with any series of presentations, in this case a study of the ‘refractions’ of a star that continues to shine, each speaker had his or her own points of view. [Read more…]


A recent conversation with a friend alerted you, by virtue of what was shared, to this concept. It was observed that, at the moment of death, the concentration this individual’s mother was exerting to be attentive to the things of the world, to be a good steward, suddenly dispersed, with the ferocity of a quiet, focused tornado, which cast them to the wind ~ that attention, those aspirations. Dear Friends, such is the way of the flesh. When it can no longer contain us, modulate who we are, we fly off the handle, so to speak, returning to the ONE which, on a micro level, you could call our grander self, which then fits into a succession of grander selves and ultimately the Source, the original thought. Think of yourself as a compressed spring while in the body, the tension of which simply explodes when released, rendering it invisible, both to the human eye and your own perceptions. [Read more…]

White Light

Characterized by the absence of static, of any type. Love on a stick, meaning in concentrated form.

We bandy this term about a fair amount; indeed, it issues forth from our lips, and pens, with great frequency which, no accident, is the mortal coil in pursuit of its roots, reflecting the desire each of us has to upgrade, so to speak, to eventually return unto the fold. White Light is a synonym for liquid Love, a visual interpretation of what Love is. We have opined on that subject before (in “Valentino Speaks”) and here we have an extension of it. To place someone or something in White Light is to wish them optimal growth, like dousing them with fertilizer, in a cosmic sense. Of course, such wishes open the door for lateral and bi-lateral expansions. All doors being open in the case of White Light make it even more interesting to see which one, or ones, the people being surrounded by it will choose. [Read more…]


‘Zorro,’ fox-like, hiding in a trench, that is how many humans face death. Not openly, but by trying to be cagey or wily, thinking they will slip through and death will ignore them. Sorry folks but it doesn’t work that way. Death is here to stay and our eventual transition, as we know, is a must. So as ‘fourbe’ as one may be in these matters, crafty you say in English, there is no escape. Do not resist; do not flail about. More can be gleaned from the experience if it is faced squarely on and with an open mind and heart. Nothing ‘squirrely’ either, to continue with my animal comparisons. Walk bravely. Approach death without resisting. There’s a tipping point, when those who are struggling with their health know they have to let go. Resistance plays no part at the end. To be welcomed abroad, one must be prepared for embraces. Such is the case when one dies. Open your arms, and heart. Prepare to be comforted, full-bore. One cannot imagine, while in the body, just how lovely that will be! So yes, drama ~ there will always be some of that in the death room but minimize it, if you can. Look for the point at which you must turn to the Light, no going back.”  ~ Rudolph Valentino