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Rudy in Roma, 1923

What a magical time in my life, savoring the delights of the capital I had not previously known, and fêted, upon occasion, in that pursuit. As you know, Natacha did not accompany me in all of those days, having decided to return to Juan-les-Pins to be with family. So my task was to drink, figuratively ‘boire un coup’ ~ taste the fruits of my renown, and brush elbows with the movers and shakers of local and international film industry. I dreamed of doing a part in Europe, in Rome in particular, some Italian-based theme or project. Don’t think it did not cross my mind! Well, the visit to Nero (i.e. Emil Jannings on the set of “Quo Vadis”) was a soul-awakening experience, to what my home country had to offer, on a deeper, more spiritual level, which I was ready to comprehend then and there, and which I had been unaware of, for the most part, during my youth in Castellaneta and Taranto.

How grand was Rome, how inspiring its monuments, history at every turn, under every block of pavement! Bravo! I listened and I learned. This is what I did there: really saw, and really heard. In the sound of the crickets there is the murmur of the Senate and people of Rome, the roar of Vox Populi!” ~ Rudolph Valentino



What a lovely concept and a very clever twist on a familiar word! Elation:  being elated, elevated too. Our feelings are heightened when we are elated and that is exactly when breakthroughs occur, walls crumble. Elation equals elastic. There is something fun there that expands consciousness, knowledge, whatever the case may be. This applies not only to relationships with people but also with your ‘drivers’ ~ in other words, what inspires you. These are the things that promote elation. You, for example, (speaking to the author) experience it when we work together ~ always exciting as you never know what will issue forth from my/our pen. But I digress here, just a little. Elation, etheric thing that it is, can easily be achieved in your world ~ something to aspire to. [Read more…]


A quality that should never be strained. Do not attempt, therefore, to corner or dole it out. Like hope, patience must always spring eternal. Heaven-like, we see it reflected in the Nature that surrounds us. Flowers bloom in their time, plants do not force their little buds. Trees do not even drop their leaves all of a sudden. The rub is that on some level we remember our lives in the Astral, and the instantaneous manifestations we all so proudly wrought. Now, what seems like ‘time’ must pass far too often before we get to taste the fruits of our labors. Know that you are not more worthy than the Creator! He/She is patient, so should you be, thus no lusting after outcomes. Simply steer your thoughts in the appropriate direction (where you want them to go) and then begin to allow. Children are actually far more patient than adults and, generally speaking, as one’s age increases patience tends to decrease. Reverse that trend and you will have drunk from the fountain of youth! Patience wears well too, so much better than haste.

When you find yourself desperately wanting to have that which you seek without further delay, go outside in the eve and gaze upon a star, the best example of patience there ever was! Evolutionary tales, never any kind of travail; everything in its time!” ~ Rudolph Valentino