Effected and affected, the season calls us to consider the fullest of tradition ~ fruits, meals, drinks, all of which are sometimes delivered in excess. Makes us think about our baselines, wonder about indulgences, shudder at the thought of gaining weight. A reminder to all that what is needed is always provided, and that is the true definition of ‘abbondanza’ ~ not gluttony or drunkenness, not having to do with any shopaholic tendencies. Abundance sensitizes us to what we truly need and want. By frequently being offered more, as we often are during the holiday season, we are able to make conscious choices about our real desires. Still, the holiday glow is something to behold ~ sparkling candles, the glow of a fire-lit room ~ cozy, all around.

The perfect metaphor, in terms of fruit, is the apple ~ in a boar’s mouth ~ the extra touch, that beautiful though it may be, often has the effect of disincentivizing its beholder, being too much. Do not lull yourself with abbondanza, or be seduced by its wiles. Balance in all things!” ~ Rudolph Valentino