Conceptually, BE-Attitude advocates directing one’s attention towards ‘BEING’ ~ in the context of an active rather than passive verb. The best and highest use of BE-Attitude is to unabashedly self-validate. This is critical if we are to have confidence in ourselves. It is imperative to focus on BEING above all else. Why? Because it is then and only then that we can claim our full measure of confidence.

Depending on circumstances, we are either more or less confident. I, for example, felt more confident in some areas of my life as compared to others, which is normal. However, I would like to share a concept that I used to good advantage, especially during my early days in Hollywood. Be single-minded where confidence is concerned, which is to say embody BE-Attitude. This translates as directing all of your confidence or as much of it as you can muster into the project or goal at hand in order to ensure its success. Though perhaps only common sense, there is also a greater principle at play. By staging confidence within prescribed parameters, it becomes more potent and therefore even more accessible to those who possess it. Containment always intensifies whatever it is that is being contained.

This approach does not necessarily imply that one’s confidence would be diminished elsewhere. It simply means that success always lies within our reach when the full force of our confidence is applied to whatever is in progress. If diffused or too broadly scattered, confidence loses its punch. We are at our most effective not only when confidence is in full bloom but also when it’s directed at finding creative solutions for particular problems.” ~ Rudolph Valentino


I realize that I am stating the obvious when I say that it is extremely important to always know that you are present. Without pro-actively knowing that you are a subset of Universal Mind and therefore a co-Creator, you cannot feel confident about anything. So, adopt a BE-Attitude. Doing so will certainly put you ‘in the mood,’ the key to having a happy and productive life.” ~ R.Valentino Guglielmi