Michael Jackson

“Recently, much has been made of the life and times of Michael Jackson, a somewhat reclusive soul who was not always very comfortable being in a body. He is an extreme example, yet he instructs us well. More than perhaps any other entertainer, he set about creating his own world, expanding on what each of us does anyway, everyday. That he was more successful than most was possibly because of the almost unlimited funds at his disposal. But, Friends, the real point is this: Michael was able to walk in two worlds, literally, as illustrated by his famous moonwalk! Not only that, at his behest thousands of playful scenarios were created for the benefit of his children, friends and family, also his many fans. In the doing, he taught them to become more aware of life’s possibilities. Neverland, his primary residence, was a dream factory, to a much greater degree than many other entertainers’ homes but certainly on the order of Graceland and even to some extent Falcon Lair. All three are examples of the wonderful things that can be accomplished when certain thoughts are thunk. What seemed to be mere fluff in the case of Jackson’s home: rides, amusements, animals, were all instructive to those who partook. They had meaning and purpose, even if that did not necessarily appear to be the case.” ~ R. Valentino Guglielmi


Colin Farrell

Valentino’s essence spontaneously comments on Colin’s work as an actor, from the ‘Other Side.’

Astutely, I would call it, is how you approach each part, wily, too ~ a lizard sunning on a rock, soaking up all the details. Then you launch, propel yourself into the role, repel off of what the character is not also. By the way, I note your appreciation of the macabre and for that reason the vampire role (in “Fright Night”) was a hoot – a rogue and, very strangely, sort of a gentleman at the same time. Peaks and valleys in your career and personal life. More of a peak now, a culmination time.” ~ Rudolph Valentino