A Rudy Postscript to “The Untold Story”

My most recent book, “Rudolph Valentino The Untold Story,” examines many of the personalities that surrounded him, his exploits, relationships, films and more. And it provides the reader with context, how Rudy perceived those people and experiences at the time, reflected in the mirror of NOW. The following comments were given to me recently, as a postscript. ~ Wayne Hatford

Vengono scritti già in questo secolo, anche nel passato, diversi libri che danno occhio alla mia vita, la persona che ero, e sempre sono, nel’Al di là...(Both in this century and the last a number of books have been written that examine my life, the person I was, and still am, in the Great Beyond.)

Has everything been explained? Did the authors detailing that life-time get things right? Yes and no. Each perceived it through their own lens, perhaps not so surprising. As a result, they have tended to ignore or fixate on certain aspects, sometimes both.

Did I want to tell all in “Rudolph Valentino The Untold Story” whose title implies that I did? No, Signori, perche questo sarebbe stato troppo facile. Invece, vi voglio far pensare, riflettere(No, because that would have been too easy. Instead, I want to make you think, reflect…)

But what this book reveals is a significant tranche of my essence as well as sanguine bits of insight and information. Not only that, it confirms and refutes conclusions that have previously been drawn. E più di nulla, sono molto lieto e volevo farvi capire questo. (And most importantly, I am, by nature, an ebullient individual and wanted you to understand that.) Some claim I was often despondent or melancholy, no, only rarely so. Sopratutto nel corpo di Rodolfo, ho bevuto la vita copiosamente, goccia per goccia. (Especially in that incarnation, I drank of life copiously, savoring every drop.)

Somehow I knew there was little time to waste!” ~ Rudolph Valentino

“Rudolph Valentino The Untold Story”

Am delighted to announce that my new book, “Rudolph Valentino The Untold Story” is now for sale via Amazon.com.

Who better to comment on the life and times of Rudolph Valentino than Rudy himself? Recollections from one of the greatest screen icons of all times, as told to Medium Wayne Hatford. Their third collaboration, this book sheds new light, quells rumors, addresses speculations, corrects the record ~ ‘write’ from the horse’s mouth! And Rudy delivers with wit and panache, the same magnetic charisma he displayed in films.

Read what he has to say now about his leading ladies, family, friends, lovers, wives, colleagues, films and more, his most cherished memories and adventures. A wealth of tantalizing tidbits and reveals, here is Valentino pulling back the curtain posthumously, testifying on his own behalf.





‘Other World’ Radio

Last Sunday, August 12th, I was interviewed about my first book, “Letters from Janice: Correspondence with the Astral Plane,” on Other World Radio. We also, of course, briefly discussed “Valentino Speaks” and “Going for Excelsior,” i.e. the wit and wisdom of Rudolph Valentino! The broadcast has been archived at the following link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/search/podcasts-wayne-hatford/

Today, August 18th and tomorrow, August 19th, “Letters from Janice is FREE on Amazon.com. Beginning today, the 18th, and continuing through Wed, the 22nd, “Going for Excelsior” is FREE on Amazon.com. Enjoy!

Valentino’s Birthday

May 6th, ‘un giorno indimenticabile’ for fans of Rudolph Valentino, has come and gone, marking the 117th anniversary of the birth of this legendary figure. In numerology, this number adds up to 9, which heralds completion ~ in this case the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.

Though for some of you I am preaching to the choir, the energy represented by the entirety of he who we once knew as Rudy is continuing to expand, evolve, and illuminate in matters of Love, his essence being the perfect ‘portavoce’ (spokesperson) for “what binds us to each other as well as to the planet we inhabit.”

Yes, ‘Rudy-ness’ ~ meaning living life from a position of maintaining an open heart has become the norm rather than the exception, at least that is how I am choosing to see it! And discussing Valentino, in whatever context and on anniversaries or any other day of the year, fosters introspection of our own Love quotients. Also our relationships, if they are in the picture! How best do we love ourselves as well as each other? Those are the types of questions that the Valentino energy, acting as a catalyst, encourages us to examine!

The pursuit of beauty and art, which is closely allied with Love and something that was also dear to Valentino, is personified on a number of the Facebook pages that I am fortunate to be associated with and there is one, in particular, that often emphasizes three letters frequently found together in many Italian words: A-M-O = AMO (I love.) And, we most certainly do!! Viva Rodolfo Valentino!