Cross Dimensional Communication

In this chapter of my life, because of personal experience and having written three channeled books, this concept seems like second nature. And, indeed it is! I contend that we are always communicating with those on the Other Side, some of us more consciously than others. Who are they? Friends, relatives, lovers, partners, husbands, wives ~ in short, anyone with whom we have agreements. Those we never met may also be included in the mix, as they may be involved with us for other reasons. Some of these sparks of energy (for that is what they are without a physical body) take on the role of spiritual guide, lending their support and participating in our lives to greater or lesser degrees, again, according to mutual agreement.

How does this occur? Mostly through the use of symbols, things we notice in our environments. Also via hunches, or words and phrases we may hear ~ out loud or in the silence of our minds. Those on the Other Side can be helpful in a myriad of ways, if we but stop, look and listen! Know, also, that when you call out to or think of someone in spirit, they will most assuredly get the message.

What is the nature of my connection with Rudolph Valentino? He, that is to say his essence, his spirit, and my own, have had several other collegial interactions throughout the eons which, because of their karmic nature, have provided us with an opportunity to collaborate, once again ~ this time without any power differentials. That is why working with Rudy to create “Valentino Speaks” and “Going for Excelsior” has been such an exhilarating experience! There’s been an incredible sense of poise and balance around both enterprises, what Rudy also exudes in thousands of extant photos taken of him during his life-time.

That said, our hope is that this work, these books, will, over time, contribute to the further normalization of this phenomenon! Così, ci vorrebbe!

Wayne Hatford

Reflections on ‘Convegno Valentino’

For a list of the speakers at Convegno Valentino, the seminar on the life and career of Rudolph Valentino that was sponsored by the University of Turin Film Department in 2009, please click on the following link:

As with any series of presentations, in this case a study of the ‘refractions’ of a star that continues to shine, each speaker had his or her own points of view. [Read more…]

Channeling Rudolph Valentino

Though this will surely come as no surprise, Rudy is working through, and with, an ever-growing number of people, in varying degrees, and through the use of multiple modalities and applications. To wit: some, like me, collaborate with him in a very direct and deliberate way, in my case via automatic writing. Others encounter Valentino’s energy more tangentially and often find themselves inspired by it, incorporating what they feel or have learned from their association with his gestalt into their own creations.

Did any of the people who have told his story, both pictorially and in print, remain untouched by his radiating luminescence? I would say, NO, non è possibile…..

In realizing their projects, I contend they ‘heard’ Valentino speak, somehow, some way, for he is a muse, as well as an icon of love!

Since writing “Valentino Speaks” and more recently, “Going for Excelsior,” I have been pleased to meet (in person and virtually) several other people who are also actively channeling Rudolph Valentino, primarily as voice mediums. In session with one, I was delighted to be able to experience the same phraseology and vibrational timbre that I have become accustomed to in my own work with the Valentino essence. Yet another confirmation!

Valentino is quite a busy guy, there, on the “Other Side.” And, as he says, he’s just a heart-beat away from us ~ like we all are, from where he is. Valentino’s purpose, both during his life-time and in death, is to stimulate thought, expand consciousness, bring us closer to ourselves, open our hearts. And I, for one, think he’s doing an excellent job! Bravo, RVG!

As an FYI, more Rudy-related projects are in the pipeline! For example, his great grand-niece, Jeanine Villalobos, is penning a new biography primarily sourced from family documents and, I understand, a new book on Valentino is soon to debut in Italy. In the meantime, be sure to check out what has already been written, my books, if you have not done so already, and in particular the work of Donna Hill, Emily Leider, Tracy Terhune and Allan Ellenberger, all of whom have contributed greatly in shedding light on his life and times.




Rudy and the Critics

My contention is that what critics had/have to say about Rudy’s body of work and persona, either during the 1920’s or now, is irrelevant. The proof is in the pudding, and Rudy is quite a good cook! Indeed, his films are still thought of as ‘must-sees’ for those who love silent films and his luster as an icon of love has not dimmed. In fact, I would say that of late it grows stronger, given the spate of Rudy-related books, rare photos, and new DVD releases that have come to light ~ especially during the past 10 years, and with more on the horizon.

That said, the people who have seen his films know the truth and, therefore, will not be influenced by anyone’s jaundiced eye or attempt to be snarky. Rudy was a wonderfully nuanced actor, who fully owned every part he inhabited. For that is what he did in front of a camera, imbue them with soul! Did he ever go general in his roles? Sure, when the script and/or Director called for it. But if you look carefully, there are gems in each one, when his character projects incredible luminescence and touches everyone’s heart.

I think there were even flashes of brilliance in his pre-1921 films as he brought freshness to whatever formulaic plot he was involved with ~ for example, in the two films he did with Carmel Myers.

Audiences always trump the critics. And Rudy continues to be one of the most talked-about and viewed stars of all time. In the meantime, I continue to be astounded by the large number of Rudy photos and Rudy-related posts that appear on Facebook, sometimes on a daily basis! Now, if only someone would find a copy of “Uncharted Seas” or “A Sainted Devil” languishing somewhere in a vault!


LA’s Million Dollar Theater

I was reminded of the number of riches Angelinos have when I visited LA this
past weekend. By chance, I got to see the inside of The Million Dollar Theater.
Fairly well-preserved, impressive, not too ornate and a bit exotic. Of late,
UCLA has been showing classic movies there on Wed nights so do go if you have
the opportunity (Pershing Square stop on the subway.) As Emily Leider pointed
out in her book, Dark Lover, “The Son of the Sheik” had its LA premiere at the Million
Dollar and Rudy made a personal appearance on opening night, one of his last.

Rudy apparently went to the Egyptian Theater (built in 1922) on Hollywood
Boulevard a fair amount, especially given that it was so close to his home in
Whitley Heights. Although modified over the years, the interior still sports
vestiges of the original Egyptian design elements and is well worth a visit.

It’s my understanding that Rudy also went to the Vista, at Sunset Junction on
Sunset Boulevard, (built in 1923) at least a couple of times. That theater has
fully restored its Egyptian decor and is a really fun venue. Still shows first
run films, and “The Artist” was playing there recently. How perfect is that?

New Year’s Observations

(Speaking to the author) “You have been opened (like an aperture) to a greater degree of late, prompted by larger forces, the interplay of the Heavens and the various orbs that surround your Earth, that is, what you perceive of as a solid planet in motion. This opening has felt like a bit of a jolt, because, as you surmise, the border (Veil) is now more porous, the dimensions melded to a greater extent ~ not only for you but for the great majority of incarnates.  What practical application? ‘You being you’ suddenly has been clarified in a way it never has before. As a matter of fact, you can almost see the karma hanging in the air before you evoke it, cause it to be extant. This is a gift as you can now see more clearly ‘what is what’ in any given transaction with another ‘body-wearer.’ ~ Rudolph Valentino



A state of mind, evoked each December. An incantation and invocation for the best and brightest, the highest good, the most sterling qualities one could ever imagine. Christmas provides us with opportunities to reflect and, in so doing, raise our vibrations to the level of White Light, which is also perceived, or rather named by some, as Christ Consciousness. An exercise in ecumenical thinking as forgiveness reigns, a sense of joy and integration. It’s the ride of a life-time and most of you find many occasions to take it, over and over again! On a personal level, I wanted to spoil Natacha and she me so we vowed to do all we could to delight and surprise each other in a myriad of ways during our first Christmas at Wedgwood Place. Shiny baubles are a part of it too, orbs; interesting that they figure in the lore and/or trappings! Drink in the smells of Christmas; they will hold you in good stead throughout the year. Stretch yourself in this season; make an effort to go outside of your comfort zone; embrace your spiritual self. I send great Love, to everyone! Tanti Auguri, a Tutti!” ~ Rudolph Valentino



Another term for channeling, i.e. creating a link between the physical and non-physical worlds.

What can “Valentino Speaks” do for you?

Stretch your consciousness; in fact, think of it as a cosmic taffy pull, also an invitation to tango with a master dancer.

How to describe it?

In a word, transformational; you cannot not see at least some things differently once you’ve read it. Indeed, this book is intended to expand awareness and thereby further sensitize the reader to the myriad of potentials and possibilities that are constantly in our energy fields, waiting to be actualized.

Is “Valentino Speaks” also about Rudy and his most recent life-time?

Very much so yet at the same time only tangentially. Certain people, places and things are referenced for a reason, as teaching devices, a context in which to speak his truth.

What will people gain from reading this book?

Personal insight, wisdom and greater sense of alignment with themselves and the “All That Is.” Strategies for thriving in the midst of momentous change. And for those who are ready, it can lead to quantum leaps in consciousness. Warm, witty, breezy and engaging, “Valentino Speaks” successfully combines metaphysical thought with fun and a sense of adventure.



How perfect is this? When resting on its side, the number 8 translates to the symbol for eternity, two circles joined at a single point of contact. The number on Valentino’s crypt at “Hollywood Forever” Cemetery in Los Angeles is 1205, (1+2+0+5 = eight) a reminder to those who ‘get it’ that Life is eternal. So goes the logo of that place too, all very fitting. (It even appears on their custom doormats, like the one at the entrance of the mausoleum where Rudy is buried.)



I want to express my heart-felt thanks to everyone (in the body and out) who supported this project since day one. I could not have birthed this book without you. I also want to thank the readers, those of you who, sensing a rapport with the material and its presentation, are taking the next step by purchasing it and finding out what’s inside.

Still marveling about Valentino Speaks finally being ‘out there’ in the world. It feels really wonderful. And, am delighted with the feedback thus far, which has been uniformly positive. Here’s to a long and productive life, if I can use that analogy. May Valentino Speaks be as helpful to you in the reading as it was to me in the writing!

“What is more priceless than sharing? To share is to love. It is that simple. In fact, each instance of sharing is an act of pure love, coming straight from the heart. Loving and sharing are synonyms, both God-like activities. Here again, gratitude is the attitude to have. Be grateful when you are able to share with others. Likewise, accept their gratitude for your having shared something with them.”  ~ Rudolph Valentino