Channeling Rudolph Valentino

Though this will surely come as no surprise, Rudy is working through, and with, an ever-growing number of people, in varying degrees, and through the use of multiple modalities and applications. To wit: some, like me, collaborate with him in a very direct and deliberate way, in my case via automatic writing. Others encounter Valentino’s energy more tangentially and often find themselves inspired by it, incorporating what they feel or have learned from their association with his gestalt into their own creations.

Did any of the people who have told his story, both pictorially and in print, remain untouched by his radiating luminescence? I would say, NO, non è possibile…..

In realizing their projects, I contend they ‘heard’ Valentino speak, somehow, some way, for he is a muse, as well as an icon of love!

Since writing “Valentino Speaks” and more recently, “Going for Excelsior,” I have been pleased to meet (in person and virtually) several other people who are also actively channeling Rudolph Valentino, primarily as voice mediums. In session with one, I was delighted to be able to experience the same phraseology and vibrational timbre that I have become accustomed to in my own work with the Valentino essence. Yet another confirmation!

Valentino is quite a busy guy, there, on the “Other Side.” And, as he says, he’s just a heart-beat away from us ~ like we all are, from where he is. Valentino’s purpose, both during his life-time and in death, is to stimulate thought, expand consciousness, bring us closer to ourselves, open our hearts. And I, for one, think he’s doing an excellent job! Bravo, RVG!

As an FYI, more Rudy-related projects are in the pipeline! For example, his great grand-niece, Jeanine Villalobos, is penning a new biography primarily sourced from family documents and, I understand, a new book on Valentino is soon to debut in Italy. In the meantime, be sure to check out what has already been written, my books, if you have not done so already, and in particular the work of Donna Hill, Emily Leider, Tracy Terhune and Allan Ellenberger, all of whom have contributed greatly in shedding light on his life and times.






  1. How choice! i enjoyed this, and yes valentino’s essence is very much alive and more powerful then most.