“Egyptian Cosmology” by Moustafa Gadalla

Another book I heartily recommend, “Egyptian Cosmology” summarizes the lore of ancient Egyptians in a clear, concise, cogent, and comprehensive manner. Here is a quote, what the author has to say about healing, from the perspective of that time and civilization: “Egyptian medicine understood man as a whole, in tune with the cosmos. The body is an immensely complex vibratory system. Everything is in a constant dynamic state of movements which are intimately connected to the rhythms, harmonies, and pulsations of the universe. Accumulating evidence proves the existence of cycles in the incidence of disease, and in their intensities, which are indicative of cosmic resonance. When ‘out of tune,’ the body was seen as unhealthy or diseased. To heal a person is to bring that person back into tune, by the deliberate summoning-up of the specific harmonic phenomena pertinent to the case.

It is known that musical vibrations induce organic and inorganic substances into patterns and forms, such as plants responding to sound. We also know of the ability of infra-sound waves to shake buildings or destroy organs, and how ultra-sound waves are used in micro-surgery as a knife-less scalpel. It follows logically, that specific human organs and glands can respond to specific sounds. Incantation and chanting are scientifically controlled sound waves, with similar powers to the cases mentioned above.

By pronouncing certain words or names of powers, in the proper manner and tone of voice, the ancient Egyptian priest or doctor could heal the sick, cast out the contrary/incompatible energies which caused the pain and suffering. The power of sound vibrations was important in performing Egyptian chants, spells and calling a person’s name. Everything has a ‘real’ name, a name which enshrines the essence of the thing, which is the thing. To know and pronounce the real name of a god, man, or animal, is to exercise power over it.” ~ Moustafa Gadalla  (“Egyptian Cosmology: The Absolute Harmony” ~ 1997)