Intuitional Dissonance

When what is intuited does not come to pass there are many reasons why, competition, for one ~ for the same ‘potential’ highway. Think of potentials and possibilities as intersecting lines, a grid or web of interconnecting highways, though in this case energetic. The occasional traffic light may slow things down or put someone else’s vehicle in front of yours. Yes, what ‘our’ intuition (and I speak of those of you who are in the body) divines might only be correct half of the time. The other half is subject to corrugation, an excess of variables. However, the more you hone your intuition, the more accurate you become. It is like a muscle always waiting to be flexed. This is not exact science but I hope you have understood the complexity involved. Human intuition has its limits yet it’s something we must continue to explore and, as necessary as breathing.” ~ Rudolph Valentino




  1. Beautifully put. Thank you for sharing!