Though others this have said, ‘tis indeed true, Love is the glue whose purpose, among other things, is to fill in what we might perceive of as empty space, creating a coherent Whole ~ be it micro or macro. Love binds us to each other as well as to the dimensions we inhabit. In essence, it’s our reason for being, THE reason why every-thing IS. So all-encompassing are its perspectives that for all practical purposes Love is unfathomable. Having neither sides nor bottom, it cannot be plumbed.

Love’s implications never cease to amaze. Born of the heart, it blazes across the sky like a shooting star. Indeed, it has rightly been said that experiencing Love, especially for the very first time, feels like a magic carpet ride. 

Although they are essentially synonymous, Love is even larger than Life. In fact, it’s the biggest concept there is. I want you to really understand that Love is the force that animates us. There is no other. For all of us, that is to say we who are and ever more shall be, it bespeaks commonality, the feeling of being AT-ONE.

Love works however it’s offered ~ as a sumptuous feast in the mansion of a rich man or as crumbs on a pauper’s table. Love is, in and of itself, all that we truly ever need!”   ~ Rudolph Valentino