Michael Fassbender

“A charming man who is the prototype for a new kind of movie star. He is not magnetic in the traditional sense yet he fascinates all those who cannot take their eyes off of him. Hypnotic in some respect and he fully inhabits his roles. You can feel him inside of them, as you observe him on the screen. Mr. Fassbender has a dual nationality, and in that sense being bi-cultural, as I was, offers him a unique world view, especially because his countries of origin are not always the ones on everyone’s tongue. Michael is a kind soul, generous to those around him, gregarious too, eager to learn, hungry for experience which he translates into the id and ego of each of his characters. Bravo, I say! An auspicious beginning to what promises to be a lengthy career. And, there is the sexual quotient ~ opaque, mysterious, yet available, lurking, full-bore ~ all simultaneously. A stand-up kind of guy, especially for his female fans, and he is mostly unaware of the effects he engenders, which are always cathartic!” ~ Rudolph Valentino