Mirrors are magical devices, not only for glancing or protracted viewing but also as ‘glamour-enhancers’ ~ meaning a quick look, unfocused, is all we need sometimes to adjust that which has gone askew. We can use mirrors, therefore, to right ourselves ~ as tools or more specifically as linkages between our personalities and souls because a mirror is one place where we can see both, simultaneously.

What does a mirror show of a thousand years ago? How it was and when; therefore, it’s an apparatus for expanding consciousness, a gateway to other dimensions.

In terms of what might be useful, it would be good to strategically place a few mirrors in your home or living space ~ a must actually, as they are also transmitters, able to be used to amplify energy. When possible, create the endless reflection of mirror facing mirror, if nothing more than to remind you of you, the many yous that are part and parcel of ‘the you’ you now perceive yourself to be. Mirror = ‘Specchio.’  I do like my language, that native one, for this word: specch-i-o, looking at yourself under a glass, like a specimen, as that is also what a mirror allows us to do. They are magnifiers too, and that is why they lend grace to any environment. Janice pointed out (making reference to my first book, “Letters from Janice) that ballrooms are often awash in mirrors. Rightfully so, as that’s where we can lose ourselves, cut loose from our personalities ‘du jour,’ even escape to other realms while still clothed in a body. Interesting, don’t you think? So, you can imagine with mirrors, use them as a means for mind expansion and time travel.

Visualize yourselves in other garb; see yourselves in other guises in terms of your features and sex. Squint and then look – mirrors are a wonderful tool for self appreciation and assessment, in other words, for soul-gazing.” ~ Rudolph Valentino



  1. I enjoyed seeing this here, as well as in “Going for Excelsior”.

    Mirrors are my favorite interior decorating feature, used profusely through my home (and extras waiting in storage!), to the point where I’m accused of narcissism.

    Ironically, I rarely “see” myself when passing in front of my mirrors, because I don’t use them for that purpose (except when needed that way).

    In addition to the excellent points made by the author(s), for me, mirrors also space, refract, reflect, and even distort and rearrange geometry and space. They give us excellent opportunities to see things differently, often without even having to move around.

    In these ways – among many others – mirrors help to remind me that everything is everywhere all at once. It’s only the limitations of this 3-dimensional “reality” that forces things to be parsed apart and experienced individually. And mirrors can even help with the said “parsing” (e.g. surround a single object with mirrors on three sides, to see the object in its entirety, from a single viewpoint).

    The magic is heightened even more by framing the mirror(s) (elegantly, festiively, etc.) – as appropriate for the space they’re in or the ‘scene’ they’re reflecting.

    For the profound spychic energy they bring to a space, I don’t think that any other household item gives us as much value vs price as do mirrors.

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