A state of mind, evoked each December. An incantation and invocation for the best and brightest, the highest good, the most sterling qualities one could ever imagine. Christmas provides us with opportunities to reflect and, in so doing, raise our vibrations to the level of White Light, which is also perceived, or rather named by some, as Christ Consciousness. An exercise in ecumenical thinking as forgiveness reigns, a sense of joy and integration. It’s the ride of a life-time and most of you find many occasions to take it, over and over again! On a personal level, I wanted to spoil Natacha and she me so we vowed to do all we could to delight and surprise each other in a myriad of ways during our first Christmas at Wedgwood Place. Shiny baubles are a part of it too, orbs; interesting that they figure in the lore and/or trappings! Drink in the smells of Christmas; they will hold you in good stead throughout the year. Stretch yourself in this season; make an effort to go outside of your comfort zone; embrace your spiritual self. I send great Love, to everyone! Tanti Auguri, a Tutti!” ~ Rudolph Valentino




  1. Beautifully said and very poignant. The holiday season is one that is ancient and enchanting, yet most importantly, bears meaning.

  2. I agree: what a wonderful post! We should strive to sustain the atmosphere of good will and spiritual consciousness throughout the entire year.