The Untold Story

Rudolph Valentino The Untold Story by Wayne HatfordRudolph Valentino The Untold Story

In Valentino veritas! Who better to comment on the life and times of Rudolph Valentino than Rudy himself? Recollections from one of the greatest screen icons of all time, as told to Medium Wayne Hatford. Their third collaboration, this book sheds new light, quells rumors, addresses speculations, corrects the record ~ ‘write’ from the horse’s mouth! And Rudy delivers with wit and panache, the same magnetic charisma he displayed in films.

Read what he has to say now about his leading ladies, family, friends, lovers, wives, colleagues, films and more, his most cherished memories and adventures. A wealth of tantalizing tidbits and reveals, here is Valentino pulling back the curtain posthumously, testifying on his own behalf.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the memoirs of Rudolph Valentino!

“If ever I were to have a symbol attributed to me, it would be a heart, the outline!”
~ Rodolfo Valentino

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