Why this book?

(Speaking to the author) “A shower of sparks, a coming together, is what we are witnessing. A completion is at hand, a job well-done (referring to the publication of “Valentino Speaks.”) We can both be extremely proud of our labors, carried out, as they were, in good conscience and love. I love the Universe, and all of mankind. That is why this book: as a demonstration of the power of love, as proof of the continuity of all life, as a dynamic that cannot be refuted. I am a witness to the brilliance of stars, not from any personal space, or ego base, no, but rather as a reflection of the Whole, the congruence and confluence that is love.

Here is the best way I can ever say it. Why this book? Why not? A culmination of my offerings, an evolutionary tale, what I know I know, and what I will know, simultaneously ~ presented with a pretty bow, ducks all lined up in a row. Yes, I’ve offered a complete package, one that is both viable and vital, “what the Valentino essence would have us know.” Does that sufficiently answer the question?” ~ Rudolph Valentino