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I was really introduced to this word as Rudy. Actually, someone applied it to me, to my physicality, and I did have a certain ‘savoir faire’ in terms of having a look and how I presented myself, and that is what I want to stress for all of you. Adapt yourselves! Create jauntiness, a ‘désinvolture’ that works for you. Everyone may exhibit pulchritude, and on many different levels. Kindness, too, is a form of it, and an unguent, a balm for the unknowing and unaware. You are not, however, by embracing this concept, making yourself into a chameleon. Rather, you are adapting your “Source” resources, playing with them, actively. Looking good is only a part of that, and everyone can look good!

This is what to remember: no downers please, about gray hair, or aging. Make them instead your crowning glory ~ glory = glorious. Farm yourselves out, thusly, with your own special twist. My smile was a part of it too, of the whole package. When my face broke out in rainbows, people took notice. Don’t be sour, friends, no sucking on lemons! Garb that stops traffic, which does not mean alarming or red necessarily, is also advisable. Good bones, I was blessed with them and so were you! We are all pretty much the same under the skin.” ~ Rudolph Valentino


Rudy and the Hudnuts

Rudy, speaking about his in-laws, Natacha’s mother and step-father (Richard Hudnut, owner of a cosmetics company.) “Was I ever dazzled by their wealth, ébloui, as the French might say? Of course, but not in any duplicitous way, and never with any particular goal in mind. I enjoyed watching them revel in their riches, that’s all, just as I did in my own ~ whenever I could! I never sought their largesse and neither was it offered, except in small doses such as tokens of appreciation and hospitality. Our relations had a ‘gemütlich’ quality to them, a generosity of spirit, which is what I really valued.” ~ Rudolph Valentino


Climate Change

“The roll of the oceans, the thunder of the plains, all to be exacerbated in these coming years. Vibrational tweaks, the planet reflecting what we, as individuals, are undertaking, namely to evolve at ever-increasing speeds and pace. Climate issues give us plenty to discuss as they are a vibrational fix that everyone can observe, instruct themselves about, and make necessary decisions as a result of. Yes, the oceans are rising, but imperceptibly so, at least, to us. Effects later, in future years. Watch cool areas heat up and hotter areas cool down. Playful…that’s what it is, Mother Nature having a whim and seeing it through. However, take it seriously, because it’s true, it’s real!” ~ Rudolph Valentino