Astral Plane

“We must again discuss how nigh is the Astral. It is so close that we have only to peel away the veneer. The Astral Plane is the real. The Earth Plane, on the other hand, is like a painted flat in a theatre, without much depth. Think of it as a beautiful oil on canvas, the colors of which are continually blending and reformulating in new and exceptional ways. Know then that the screen upon which we dream while in the body is nothing but a screen, and we always have the power to change what is being projected.

Most people don’t consider the Astral much until they have a brush with death. One of the goals of this book is to make it more prominent in people’s minds, not to engender obsession but to create balance, and to remind everyone that what lies within the scope of their vision is not the only truth.” ~ Rudolph Valentino