Beauty Wanted

Beauty Wanted by Wayne Vincent HatfordBeauty Wanted

La Grande Bellezza! This book is an exploration of beauty and its relationship with Italy and Italians.

Indeed, Italians are masters at understanding and working with beauty. They look to create it in every situation and not only visually but with every action they take. For them it’s as natural as breathing and the essence of bella figura. Would that we were all so finely attuned!

My goal here is to promote greater awareness of and alignment with our own expressions of beauty and how we incorporate them into everyday life, as well as share about places I’ve been and people I have known through that lens. Blending the philosophical with the observational, the metaphysical with the aesthetic, I explore the interplay of beauty, style, and savoir-faire, saper-fare. And because portions of the content are based on personal experience this is also a memoir, fair witness to my own love affair with Italy.

“Beauty Wanted” is a must-read for anyone smitten with Italian flair. From the gathering of a toga to the sculpting of a bust, c’è la bellezza che non smette mai (it’s the beauty that never stops!)

Rudolph Valentino fans, you will be pleased to know that although not the star Rudy figures prominently in “Beauty Wanted,” making numerous contributions which are integral to and illustrative of the subject matter. And, as always, I have thoroughly enjoyed being on his wave length!

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