Blanca, Jean, and Pola

Three ‘Significant Others.’ From his current vantage point, the Valentino essence describes some of the dynamics he had with each one.

Blanca de Saulles: “Yes, I had feelings for her ~ a young man’s passion, an unattainable woman, someone who could teach me a thing or two. We tangoed in a sexual way but did not mate in the true sense because we were not soul-compatible. But we did dabble in sensuality, on the dance floor and off. She tickled my fancy, that’s all. Taught me about “le haut monde” too (High Society.”)

Jean Acker: “She was a pal more than anything else, like the character “Moran” I would say ~ someone to do things with while commiserating on the vagaries of life. Not a soul mate but a gift, nonetheless. Embarrassing it was to marry without a wedding night but she did spark me to delve into my own psyche as a result, to reflect on what I really wanted. We reconnected, as you know, later in life. A good person though in that life-time her personality was somewhat obtuse.”

Pola Negri: “Pola/NOLA. She was like the city of New Orleans, an endless “fête,” always ready for a lark. Restless she was and high-strung but very secure in herself and adept at creating an image. She helped me burnish mine, to cement my place in the pantheon of lovers. She doted on me to a certain extent and I basked in the attention, a much different dynamic than I had with Natacha, who was more cerebral and reserved.” ~ Rudolph Valentino






  1. These thoughts all feel so alive, Wayne. I love it.