Another term for channeling, i.e. creating a link between the physical and non-physical worlds.

What can “Valentino Speaks” do for you?

Stretch your consciousness; in fact, think of it as a cosmic taffy pull, also an invitation to tango with a master dancer.

How to describe it?

In a word, transformational; you cannot not see at least some things differently once you’ve read it. Indeed, this book is intended to expand awareness and thereby further sensitize the reader to the myriad of potentials and possibilities that are constantly in our energy fields, waiting to be actualized.

Is “Valentino Speaks” also about Rudy and his most recent life-time?

Very much so yet at the same time only tangentially. Certain people, places and things are referenced for a reason, as teaching devices, a context in which to speak his truth.

What will people gain from reading this book?

Personal insight, wisdom and greater sense of alignment with themselves and the “All That Is.” Strategies for thriving in the midst of momentous change. And for those who are ready, it can lead to quantum leaps in consciousness. Warm, witty, breezy and engaging, “Valentino Speaks” successfully combines metaphysical thought with fun and a sense of adventure.