Five Reasons to Read “Going for Excelsior: Thriving in Seniorhood”

1. Gain greater balance, integration, and finesse ~ in terms of how you approach your life.

2. Attain new levels of understanding about aging.

3. Become more alert to our opportunities of living in two worlds, simultaneously. (Dream & Waking)

4. Debunk myths about Seniors and their ‘conditions.’

5. Embrace options that can help you age gracefully.


‘Seniorhood’ ~ where people often like to perceive us, once we have attained a certain age. Also, where we can choose to thrive, with clarity of purpose ~ and by design!


“Egyptian Cosmology” by Moustafa Gadalla

Another book I heartily recommend, “Egyptian Cosmology” summarizes the lore of ancient Egyptians in a clear, concise, cogent, and comprehensive manner. Here is a quote, what the author has to say about healing, from the perspective of that time and civilization: “Egyptian medicine understood man as a whole, in tune with the cosmos. The body is an immensely complex vibratory system. Everything is in a constant dynamic state of movements which are intimately connected to the rhythms, harmonies, and pulsations of the universe. Accumulating evidence proves the existence of cycles in the incidence of disease, and in their intensities, which are indicative of cosmic resonance. When ‘out of tune,’ the body was seen as unhealthy or diseased. To heal a person is to bring that person back into tune, by the deliberate summoning-up of the specific harmonic phenomena pertinent to the case.

It is known that musical vibrations induce organic and inorganic substances into patterns and forms, such as plants responding to sound. We also know of the ability of infra-sound waves to shake buildings or destroy organs, and how ultra-sound waves are used in micro-surgery as a knife-less scalpel. It follows logically, that specific human organs and glands can respond to specific sounds. Incantation and chanting are scientifically controlled sound waves, with similar powers to the cases mentioned above.

By pronouncing certain words or names of powers, in the proper manner and tone of voice, the ancient Egyptian priest or doctor could heal the sick, cast out the contrary/incompatible energies which caused the pain and suffering. The power of sound vibrations was important in performing Egyptian chants, spells and calling a person’s name. Everything has a ‘real’ name, a name which enshrines the essence of the thing, which is the thing. To know and pronounce the real name of a god, man, or animal, is to exercise power over it.” ~ Moustafa Gadalla  (“Egyptian Cosmology: The Absolute Harmony” ~ 1997)

“Rudolph Valentino The Silent Idol” by Donna Hill

Am incredibly bullish on this book, and here is my review, which was previously posted on Amazon and

Rudolph Valentino The Silent Idol is an outstanding effort. Donna Hill has succeeded well beyond anyone’s expectations, on all levels. Her prose is very much to the point yet abundant in details, many of which could be described as revelatory. And, she tells the tale in an especially engaging manner, drawing the reader in. Not only that, I really like the fact that she divides Valentino’s lifetime into episodes, making the richness of it all easier to digest.

But the crux of the matter is in the photos, Mr. Valentino himself. In choosing which ones to use, I believe Hill made particularly wise choices. Although some are familiar and have been seen before elsewhere, the great majority are fresh, having been sourced from her own extensive collection, the vaults of other silent film buffs, various libraries and Valentino family archives. Simply put, they are all in some way spectacular, conveying, without words, the many facets of his personality, i.e. who Valentino really was. Bravo! This book is a must-have, an elegant and comprehensive look at the life of one of Hollywood’s greatest legends.


New e-Book: “Going for Excelsior”

What if you were as savvy as you could possibly be in matters of aging and, therefore, really soar, breeze through the final chapters of your life with flying colors? The ‘senior’ experience, through only the most constructive and creative of lenses! The art of encountering the Apex.

Going for Excelsior offers practical suggestions for successfully negotiating Seniorhood, a blueprint for active living ~ how to embrace where you’re at in your life, find hidden gems, turn up the voltage. Thriving in Seniorhood is about going beyond what’s expected or being directed at you by the host society and this book provides the reader with the tools and understandings to accomplish that goal ~ new age thought at its very best!


Conundrums solved. The sting removed from such phenomena as dementia and Alzheimer’s. Myths about Seniors debunked. These are only a few of the benefits that can be derived from reading this book which, hopefully, will serve to stretch your consciousness, something that’s rather elastic to begin with in every stage of life.

‘Seniorhood’ ~ Where people often like to perceive us, once we have attained a certain age. Also, where we can choose to thrive, with clarity of purpose ~ and by design!

“Like all those who currently inhabit a body, you, too, are getting ready for Excelsior. Especially allow the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and beyond of your ages to be magical in this regard, for you to be way-showers, preparing yourselves mentally, physically and spiritually for the next phase. There always is a next phase, by the way, and we are always getting ready for it. You are part of a grand design as am I. There is no other option!” ~ Rudolph Valentino

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Top 10 Reasons to read “Valentino Speaks”

  1. To achieve greater awareness, inner alignment and personal growth.
  2. To use it as a tool for meditation.
  3. To tango with a master dancer.
  4. To become even better acquainted with Rudolph Valentino, his eternal self.
  5. To access the wisdom of the ages, in the form of one soul entity’s points of view.
  6. To be able to thrive more easily in the midst of momentous change (what we are witnessing in the world today.)
  7. To assist in understanding how the Universe works.
  8. To gain fresh perspectives on your own life.
  9. To increase your quotient of comfortability with any number of topics.
  10. To smile, as Rudy shares his special brand of wit.