The colors you choose to have in your living space constitute your personal palette. As Rudolph Valentino, two of my favorites were smoky gray and dark red. Color is a feast for the eyes, sometimes a sight for sore ones too! Where would we be were it not for color? It provides us with a frame of reference, allows us to play favorites and drenches our environments with splashes of reality. To paint a wall, for example, is to give it a dose of love. Each color has a different vibration, and those who are truly gifted know how to combine them to create masterpieces. That is what great artists do, all the time.

Color either soothes an environment or makes it more alive. Have some of both on the menu. Stark combinations can also be fun. Remember, not everything has to match! Color was one of my hobbies; I loved all the nuances. Playing with color is like dancing with shadows ~ always enjoyable but sometimes difficult to grasp. Gray is the most neutral color, by the way, not beige. That’s because it’s halfway between black and white. Have a signature color too, one you’re noted for. It will help enhance your vibration. The repetitiveness of wearing a particular color is what does the trick!” ~ Rudolph Valentino