Creating Personal Reality

Question: As Rudolph Valentino, did you will becoming a movie star?

No I did not. Instead, I wanted to become a serious actor, one who could live his parts with alacrity and verve. I saw myself like that, which is where the phrase il mio sogno si sta avverando (my dream is coming true) comes from. As I have mentioned before, such statements are an important part of the creating process. (Author’s note: It was reported that Valentino exclaimed “My dream is coming true” at the first screening of his breakthrough film, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.) See your dream, whatever it is, as true and real, as a three-dimensional thing, and so it will be.

When I willed the actor in me to emerge, the notion of movie star came along for the ride. If you will, ‘twas an appendage. In the creation of personal reality, addendums to the main document are frequent. Generally speaking, their purpose is to add a little spice to the proceedings.” Rudolph Valentino



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