What a lovely concept and a very clever twist on a familiar word! Elation:  being elated, elevated too. Our feelings are heightened when we are elated and that is exactly when breakthroughs occur, walls crumble. Elation equals elastic. There is something fun there that expands consciousness, knowledge, whatever the case may be. This applies not only to relationships with people but also with your ‘drivers’ ~ in other words, what inspires you. These are the things that promote elation. You, for example, (speaking to the author) experience it when we work together ~ always exciting as you never know what will issue forth from my/our pen. But I digress here, just a little. Elation, etheric thing that it is, can easily be achieved in your world ~ something to aspire to.

Look for the catalyst, the new interest, the quotient of curiosity, in what you say or do, in the people you encounter. Those that pique your interest, markedly so, will promote and inspire elation, sometimes against all odds. So this is an arena where you must follow your heart, knowing what you need, why, and when. Lovely idea, once again!

Did I have any? Well, with my career, every time I stepped in front of a camera. Also, often with Natacha though not a constant, and with hobbies, such as the mechanical. Certain friends helped create ‘elationships’ too, whether they were in any way physical or not. How to notice? Smiles, laughter, the draw, like moth to flame ~ those people or situations that we just have to know, damn the consequences. Karmic too, often, but they do not have to be. You say in your vernacular “turn-ons” ~ those are elationships. It’s like you engaged a switch or pressed a button, bringing the full measure of current to bear.” ~ Rudolph Valentino