I want to express my heart-felt thanks to everyone (in the body and out) who supported this project since day one. I could not have birthed this book without you. I also want to thank the readers, those of you who, sensing a rapport with the material and its presentation, are taking the next step by purchasing it and finding out what’s inside.

Still marveling about Valentino Speaks finally being ‘out there’ in the world. It feels really wonderful. And, am delighted with the feedback thus far, which has been uniformly positive. Here’s to a long and productive life, if I can use that analogy. May Valentino Speaks be as helpful to you in the reading as it was to me in the writing!

“What is more priceless than sharing? To share is to love. It is that simple. In fact, each instance of sharing is an act of pure love, coming straight from the heart. Loving and sharing are synonyms, both God-like activities. Here again, gratitude is the attitude to have. Be grateful when you are able to share with others. Likewise, accept their gratitude for your having shared something with them.”  ~ Rudolph Valentino