New Year’s Observations

(Speaking to the author) “You have been opened (like an aperture) to a greater degree of late, prompted by larger forces, the interplay of the Heavens and the various orbs that surround your Earth, that is, what you perceive of as a solid planet in motion. This opening has felt like a bit of a jolt, because, as you surmise, the border (Veil) is now more porous, the dimensions melded to a greater extent ~ not only for you but for the great majority of incarnates.  What practical application? ‘You being you’ suddenly has been clarified in a way it never has before. As a matter of fact, you can almost see the karma hanging in the air before you evoke it, cause it to be extant. This is a gift as you can now see more clearly ‘what is what’ in any given transaction with another ‘body-wearer.’ ~ Rudolph Valentino