A recent conversation with a friend alerted you, by virtue of what was shared, to this concept. It was observed that, at the moment of death, the concentration this individual’s mother was exerting to be attentive to the things of the world, to be a good steward, suddenly dispersed, with the ferocity of a quiet, focused tornado, which cast them to the wind ~ that attention, those aspirations. Dear Friends, such is the way of the flesh. When it can no longer contain us, modulate who we are, we fly off the handle, so to speak, returning to the ONE which, on a micro level, you could call our grander self, which then fits into a succession of grander selves and ultimately the Source, the original thought. Think of yourself as a compressed spring while in the body, the tension of which simply explodes when released, rendering it invisible, both to the human eye and your own perceptions.

ONE- ing, as a return to Source, a corollary of death, or rather a consequence of it. Being let out of a can, a compressed container, ejected into a void populated with untold wonders. What a glorious moment that shall be! How does it feel to embrace the WHOLE? This is the analogy, and precept, behind ONE – ing! Vi voglio bene, tutti voi! ” (My Love, to all of you!) ~ Rudolph Valentino



  1. I so enjoy Valentino’s vivid descriptions of how it will be when we are release from our bodies. Wayne with your wonderful gift, are able to enlighten us with Valentino’s amazing words of wisdom. Thank you for sharing with me.