Valentino on ….

Love: “Love works however it’s offered – as a sumptuous feast in the mansion of a rich man or as crumbs on a pauper’s table. Love is, in and of itself, all that we truly ever need.”

Romance: “Becoming right with romance involves really learning how to give and receive. Both must be well-practiced in order for us to become fully engaged. Think of these two verbs as a matched set, each one providing the other with an incentive. It does take two to tango. Natacha and I took that lesson to heart. Hopefully, too, so shall you.”

Beauty: “Beauty, like honey, tastes better unfiltered ~ no wardrobe or special make-up required!”

Forgiveness: “A sigh of relief is heard each time someone in the world forgives. Forgiving opens up space for new developments to occur. Indeed, it’s in the act of forgiving that whatever’s been clogging our emotional entrails suddenly gets released.”

Poetry: “What is every poet’s dream? To shed light on thoughts so that they may truly be seen.”

Sex: “Sex enhances vibration. Each time we’re sexual, we increase our vibratory rate, defying time by temporarily losing all sense of it. Two people having sex with each other are like a pair of locomotives simultaneously speeding down adjacent tracks, sexual climax being the final station on the main line.”

Money: “When beholding prosperity, be it yours or someone else’s, acknowledge it. In so doing, we are confirming the lack of scarcity in the Universe. In other words, abundance reigns, in all planes. Rejoice, therefore, in each other’s good fortune! In being resentful of another person’s prosperity the only thing we’re likely to accomplish is to short circuit our own. My friends, the laws of abundance are extraordinarily simple. To the extent that we’re able to see ourselves as having the resources we need, so shall it be.”

Hope: “Hope fuels our progress. Like Love, it’s always working on our behalf. By hoping, we define our preferences, the first step in bringing about a desired result.”

Himself: “As Rudolph Valentino, I was a very public sort of figure, destined, as it were, to raise consciousness around the issues of love and attraction. As such, I was alternately reviled and praised, especially for the effects my movie roles seemed to have on popular culture. Though I didn’t fully realize it at the time, I did exactly what I was supposed to do in that incarnation, act as a mirror so that the public might be able to see reflections of themselves in me. By the way, each of you is just as much of a catalyst as I ever was and, without necessarily having to enter a spotlight.”