Rudolph Valentino on the 2020’s

Rudolph Valentino on the 2020’sRudolph Valentino on the 2020’s

A compendium of ideas for transfiguration and transformation, this book is a ring buoy, your life raft for the future, written for those who seek a better understanding of the workings of this decade. Suggestions and advice for coping with the 2020’s sourced from a multi-dimensional intelligence, Rodolfo Valentino.

In explaining the Dark we’ve been encountering, Light is in the forefront, the hook upon which to hang our hopes. For hope there is but also plenty of turbulence. Here you have Rudy’s take on the times along with his thoughts on what to do to beef up your personal tool kits in order to more effectively and constructively work with the competing elements of this era.

Rudolph Valentino on stage again, Wayne Hatford as scribe! A deep dive into the NOW and an examination of what we might expect going forward although nothing is for sure. Neither is it ever written in stone. What will actually occur depends on us, our individual & combined thoughts and volitions. We hope these pages provide you with food for thought for that is their raison d’être.

“Change is bumpy; it does not move forward in a linear fashion but rather, were it to be plotted, in a squiggly one.”
~ Rodolfo Valentino

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