Rudy on Rudy

“I had the good fortune to be blessed with an expressive body and face. In fact, they were gifts and I used them well during my brief time in motion pictures to communicate my thoughts without the benefit of voice. What did I want to impart? The overall message was one of love ~ specifically that Love overrides all other considerations and is the most powerful force in the Universe. This we all know, of course, on the cellular level, but our personalities need to be reminded of it time and time again. Not only that, it was my goal to present those who watched my films with alternatives, ways of being that they could then either accept or reject as they saw fit. Like all films, mine were instructive. That was their real reason for being.

Again, the context of silence is sometimes all the louder. With just a flick of the wrist or a slight movement of the eyes, I could communicate the essence of love, that state of being when we feel especially buoyed, supported beyond our wildest dreams!” ~ Rudolph Valentino