A topic from my next book, which is still in progress!

Question: why do certain aspects of our personalities tend to distinguish themselves to an even greater extent as we age, in some cases hardening or crystallizing?

Some people like and/or need to make sure their quirks or shticks become ossified, are made brittle, so that they crumble in the sands of time and the individuals in question will end up bereft of those particular traits once an incarnation is complete. ‘Emphasizing’ is what hardening of the arteries is all about. That is a physical manifestation of what I am discussing here. Any overemphasis is due to a quest for change. One cannot rid oneself of something until one gets tired of the status quo. Some personal quirks are tiresome to others but most of all they tire our-selves. Crystallization, in particular, is a set-up for some kind of shattering event, death being the most likely candidate.

There are elders who go for the flow too, for integration rather than differentiation. Lovely when that occurs but we must have compassion for ‘old cranks’ also, those who must experience greater rigidity before they expire. Either pathway is viable. The latter group, however, is much more pleasant to be around. Which one are you, a generic question? Be conscious, always, about what you are doing and why. And, you don’t have to aggress others to show your wares. Yes, shticks, and tics, are assets, believe it or not!” ~ R. Valentino Guglielmi