‘Zorro,’ fox-like, hiding in a trench, that is how many humans face death. Not openly, but by trying to be cagey or wily, thinking they will slip through and death will ignore them. Sorry folks but it doesn’t work that way. Death is here to stay and our eventual transition, as we know, is a must. So as ‘fourbe’ as one may be in these matters, crafty you say in English, there is no escape. Do not resist; do not flail about. More can be gleaned from the experience if it is faced squarely on and with an open mind and heart. Nothing ‘squirrely’ either, to continue with my animal comparisons. Walk bravely. Approach death without resisting. There’s a tipping point, when those who are struggling with their health know they have to let go. Resistance plays no part at the end. To be welcomed abroad, one must be prepared for embraces. Such is the case when one dies. Open your arms, and heart. Prepare to be comforted, full-bore. One cannot imagine, while in the body, just how lovely that will be! So yes, drama ~ there will always be some of that in the death room but minimize it, if you can. Look for the point at which you must turn to the Light, no going back.”  ~ Rudolph Valentino



  1. Thank you Wayne for this brillent words of wisdom from Rudy through you. I deal with death everyday. Because of this I have come to look at it very differently than when I was a young girl. The knowledge that loved ones are waiting for us as we transition and that we are very much alive just in heaven is so comforting for me as well as those I work with. Rudy and you never seize to amaze me! Blessings

  2. Karena Robertson-Bloom says:

    Such straight forward words for a subject that holds such fear and dread for most of us. Death is inevitable and we cannot run when it is our time to leave this reality. It is a comfort to think of our loved ones waiting to embrace us again, to comfort and help those who have gone into the Light adjust. It is lovely to think of all those who have gone before us, including Rudolph Valentino, finding peace and a higher purpose and reaching back to help those still in this sphere. What a gift!