Vox Valentino

Vox Valentino by Wayne HatfordVox Valentino

Musings from the Great Beyond

Here again is the wit and wisdom of Rudolph Valentino, he whose star once shone in Hollywood and in truth has never dimmed: Rudy, the consummate continental, all-American too, for he loved his adopted land, its vitality & possibilities.

“Vox Valentino” explores twenty-first century issues and conundrums (as well as some of the more eternal ones) in a series of eighty concise essays, each one a stand-alone or one-off. Some are esoteric, some descriptive, some practical. All have been designed to stimulate thought with curiosity as the common denominator.

Like our previous collaborations, “Vox Valentino” was mediumistically received ~ Rodolfo sharing his thoughts with the author via automatic writing.

Vox Valentino
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