What Would Rudy Say?

Well, we have already found out, and more is in the offing! It’s been fascinating for me to team up with Rudy’s essence, his spirit on the Other Side, to produce  “Valentino Speaks” and “Going for Excelsior.” I’ve learned so much, both about myself and how the Universe works, in the process!

That said, a new book project has begun, yet to be named, that will focus on the Valentino phenomenon, his personal life, films, some of the people he knew, etc. Rudy’s observations, from his current vantage point and knowledge base, removed from the shackles of personality. In other words, the big picture, unfettered!

From time to time, I will keep you apprised of my progress. Cosa direbbe Rodolfo? Fra poco, sapremo! My goal is to publish the new material sometime in 2014.

Wayne Hatford




  1. Wonderful news!

    Already eagerly awaiting more from the fountain of love and wisdom into which you reach.