White Light

Characterized by the absence of static, of any type. Love on a stick, meaning in concentrated form.

We bandy this term about a fair amount; indeed, it issues forth from our lips, and pens, with great frequency which, no accident, is the mortal coil in pursuit of its roots, reflecting the desire each of us has to upgrade, so to speak, to eventually return unto the fold. White Light is a synonym for liquid Love, a visual interpretation of what Love is. We have opined on that subject before (in “Valentino Speaks”) and here we have an extension of it. To place someone or something in White Light is to wish them optimal growth, like dousing them with fertilizer, in a cosmic sense. Of course, such wishes open the door for lateral and bi-lateral expansions. All doors being open in the case of White Light make it even more interesting to see which one, or ones, the people being surrounded by it will choose.

Another way to look at placing yourself, others, or a given situation in White Light is to think of it as an opportunity for the greatest degree of efficacy, the best use of resources to occur. And we can do no higher service to our fellows, brothers and sisters, than to place them in Love, surround them with it, what White Light IS.” ~ Rudolph Valentino



  1. I always say the prayer of the white light before I leave the house.

  2. Interesting reference to white light, as it contains all the colors in the spectrum.

    Referring to love in this context implies the fullest manifestation of love.