Rudy, in his inimitable way, comments on one of the more confounding aspects of  ‘this modern world.’

Whooshing has to do with speed, what many of the societies of your world are so enamored with. Well, when we “whoosh” excessively, we cannot hear, neither can we see effectively and, as a result, opportunities go by the wayside. Now there are natural whooshes too, like when we fall asleep and leave the physical body, whether to nap or for the eve. Whoosh is also the sound made by munitions, portending misfortune, and a state of being which can easily be applied to the human condition, the wrinkle in time that is each incarnation. To not whoosh, we have to be more aware of when we are, and at least slow it down a little. Whooshing is sometimes equivalent to being fully ‘in the flow.’ Surprising enough, but we are not always served when we move, in some cases, too quickly.” ~ Rudolph Valentino