Letters from Janice

Letters from Janice: Correspondence with the Astral Plane

Janice was a dear friend who began to communicate with me shortly after making her transition. Filled with wonder and joy, she shares her observations on death, cause and effect, soul groups, spirit guides, dreams, reincarnation and the law of choice.

Janice writes: “The quotient of comfortability has to be raised. There is so much to teach people, so much to do to help reassure them by removing their fears and prejudices about death. There is no death, only Life, and all must know this fact. The event we call death is a process, like everything else. Certain animals molt when the time is right. We do that too; we drop the physical body in order to proceed in our growth cycle.”

This book is a collection of automatic writings from Janice, presented with almost no editing. Janice experiences the Astral and, as she opens and learns, her growth is mirrored in what she shares with us in each session. Her aim is to teach with Love.

Letters from Janice is a fascinating look into what lies beyond, the kind of book that will never grow old. And, fact is, because Life is everlasting, neither will we!

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