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Life as a Movie ~ (excerpted from Valentino Speaks)

“Movie-making? We do it on a daily basis, literally viewing the rushes as we speak. Here is my premise. We are the movie. Not only do we make it, we are its director and producer, likewise the best boy or girl. Starring in our own production, we’re the one who gets it all accomplished, including deciding when to call it a wrap. We also do all the editing!

As screenwriters, our script is subject to interminable re-writes. In fact, nothing about it is fixed. Our respective films depict life in progress ~ continuously screening and playing to full houses for the duration of each incarnation. Our names are up on the marquee too, having been featured in the previews of coming attractions such as when our parents were speculating about their soon-to-be-born son or daughter. The Earth Plane is the movie theatre where the story of our life is always playing ~ from first to last breath.

That life is like a movie should not be news to anyone. However, in my estimation there’s no more apt analogy, especially if we view it as the contiguous series of changes it is. Of course, we all do some basic planning prior to being born. While still in the Astral, each soul entity writes a rough draft of the life that’s to come, later to be fleshed out once he or she has made an entrance, megaphone in hand.

Our mission is to ‘make up’ our lives, more specifically to improvise within the framework of the aforementioned plan. In so doing, we create our reality, which is always in the process of unfurling on the silver screen.

What is the overall theme of each and every life? Why, consciousness revealing itself.

In our own way, we’re all Cecil B. DeMilles, yes we are, and just as good as he was in telling a story. Our films are the ultimate home movies, intimate yet professional too. In sharing our lives with others, each of us has the wherewithal to create a work of art. As director of your life, you may want to ponder certain questions. Which familiar grooves shall I use? Which shall I avoid? Which lighting combinations will work best? Shall I film in chiaroscuro (shades of gray) or technicolor? Which props shall I choose? Who shall I cast in the other roles? What scenery to use as opposed to which flats to fly? What now to try?

Don’t get crazed, even though the choices are more or less infinite. The bottom line is that your movie will feature whatever it is that you choose to make most real. Know, too, that eventually you will do it all, at least by some theoretical point in time. Not only that, but all parts shall be yours. All roles are to be played, at least to some extent, rest assured.

While in the flesh, our lives are the equivalent of self-projected movies, focused on seemingly three dimensional screens filled with commonly accepted variables. As we perceive these respective screens and their contents, what we’re actually doing is experiencing virtual vision. In other words, when we’re in the Earth Plane what we see is only what we think we’re seeing. None of it is real in the way we believe it to be. Our thought processes simply encourage us to think that it is. Nevertheless, it’s not, shocking as that may seem ~ even though we must continue assuming that it is in order to be able to function. Seeing then may be likened to cinematic projection, our eyes being the lens.

Valentino SpeaksThe reality that surfaces on our viewing screens at any point in time is both a product of our focus and the result of specific concentrations of thought and energy.

Life’s vistas are often quite layered, some of our ‘sets’ being in the foreground and others far away. What matters most, however, is your own sphere of influence, your turf, that place where you will best be able to accomplish whatever it is that you will or must.

The business of movie-making is life ~ in progress.~ Rudolph Valentino


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