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Wayne : July 12, 2011 11:52 am : Reflections & Ruminations, Voce Valentino Blog

Another term for channeling, i.e. creating a link between the physical and non-physical worlds.

What can “Valentino Speaks” do for you?

Stretch your consciousness; in fact, think of it as a cosmic taffy pull, also an invitation to tango with a master dancer.

How to describe it?

In a word, transformational; you cannot not see at least some things differently once you’ve read it. Indeed, this book is intended to expand awareness and thereby further sensitize the reader to the myriad of potentials and possibilities that are constantly in our energy fields, waiting to be actualized.

Is “Valentino Speaks” also about Rudy and his most recent life-time?

Very much so yet at the same time only tangentially. Certain people, places and things are referenced for a reason, as teaching devices, a context in which to speak his truth.

What will people gain from reading this book?

Personal insight, wisdom and greater sense of alignment with themselves and the “All That Is.” Strategies for thriving in the midst of momentous change. And for those who are ready, it can lead to quantum leaps in consciousness. Warm, witty, breezy and engaging, “Valentino Speaks” successfully combines metaphysical thought with fun and a sense of adventure.


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Wayne : July 7, 2011 2:56 pm : Reflections & Ruminations, Voce Valentino Blog

How perfect is this? When resting on its side, the number 8 translates to the symbol for eternity, two circles joined at a single point of contact. The number on Valentino’s crypt at “Hollywood Forever” Cemetery in Los Angeles is 1205, (1+2+0+5 = eight) a reminder to those who ‘get it’ that Life is eternal. So goes the logo of that place too, all very fitting. (It even appears on their custom doormats, like the one at the entrance of the mausoleum where Rudy is buried.)


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Valentino Filmography: “Cobra”

Wayne : June 28, 2011 9:44 pm : Valentino Filmography, Voce Valentino Blog

If you’d like to know more about Rudolph Valentino’s film career, please take a look at some of his performances, if only in a few ‘You Tube’ clips. Luminescent, captivating, intriguing are just some of the adjectives that come to mind. And not only that, they were always thought-provoking and very much sourced from the depths of his soul. Valentino stood out in every role he was in. That is why all of his movies are worth seeing, even the so-called minor ones.

One of my favorites is Cobra, a 1925 Ritz-Carlton/Paramount release. I like that it has a ‘contemporary’ feel and deals with issues of love and friendship. Here is what the Valentino essence has to say about it now, from his current vantage point.

“A mélange at best, and interestingly it also had elements of the best I had in me to give. Slightly autobiographical as it depicts my interest in times of yore, the world of castles, princes knocking on the door. Princesses too, ladies in their finery and plumes gallantly allowing only well-chosen gentlemen in their rooms. I particularly enjoyed the costumed scene, the flashback.

There was pathos in that character, a melancholic man so many could relate to, a world-weary playboy on the lookout for something more complete. And there were flashes of my own sensitivity and sensibility, qualities I specifically wanted to infuse my character with. The script was mundane yet working together we were able to re-frame it, inject a bit of the unexpected into what could easily have been lame. There were still a few groaners but mostly it worked ~ a morality play, and an examination of friendship, i.e. how deep can it go? I was a clothes horse in those ‘modern times’ with my own sense of propriety about the whole affair. And, my input with details was perhaps greater than usual as the Director was malleable in his make-up, willing to consider adding a few ornamental flourishes.

Count Torriani was an everyman who, after being accosted by a vamp, a cold-hearted and calculating woman, came out of the encounter with a resolve, perhaps to move on, do better, rise to another or perhaps different vibrational pose. As for my co-stars, I found Gertrude Olmstead attractive and she me so we didn’t have to act much. We felt comfortable with each other and, of course, Nita (Naldi) played the archetype oh so well.

“Cobra” was a cautionary tale yet tinged with hope, nonetheless, about letting go of obsessions, whatever form they may take. ‘Twas also about what one might do to restore one’s honor. Again, we turned a rather dreary screenplay into something sleeker than it might have been in other hands, or lands. Chalk one up for Hollywood! There were flashes of inspiration in that endeavor, from a number of quarters.”  ~ Rudolph Valentino

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Creating Personal Reality

Wayne : June 17, 2011 2:41 pm : Rudy Speaks, Voce Valentino Blog

Question: As Rudolph Valentino, did you will becoming a movie star?

No I did not. Instead, I wanted to become a serious actor, one who could live his parts with alacrity and verve. I saw myself like that, which is where the phrase il mio sogno si sta avverando (my dream is coming true) comes from. As I have mentioned before, such statements are an important part of the creating process. (Author’s note: It was reported that Valentino exclaimed “My dream is coming true” at the first screening of his breakthrough film, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.) See your dream, whatever it is, as true and real, as a three-dimensional thing, and so it will be.

When I willed the actor in me to emerge, the notion of movie star came along for the ride. If you will, ‘twas an appendage. In the creation of personal reality, addendums to the main document are frequent. Generally speaking, their purpose is to add a little spice to the proceedings.” Rudolph Valentino

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Wayne : June 7, 2011 5:16 pm : Rudy Speaks, Voce Valentino Blog

(Speaking to the Author) “You have correctly surmised that I set the stage for what we are doing now (cross-dimensional communication) in my former life-time, which is littered with clues to that effect. Day dreams, night dreams, for many I symbolized a dream, the dream to be in films. “Ma gueule” (French slang for ‘my face’) shown like a beacon. I reminded the public that all things are possible. Though not actually handsome by any standard, much less the standards of the day, I was revered as such and thus broke the barriers of ‘ethnicism’ at a time when swarthy Italians had no place in the “dream,” American or cinematographic, the dreams on the silver screen.” ~ Rudolph Valentino


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More on Gratitude

Wayne : June 1, 2011 11:34 am : Rudy Speaks, Voce Valentino Blog

A drop of water seeps into an arid piece of ground and the Heavens rejoice. That is the analogy for the mechanism we like to refer to as gratitude. Grat, from gratis. It is freely given and received, which is what makes it so potent. Also, you are never coerced to model its benign and beneficent properties. Bathed in truth and perfection, a blazing White Light is engendered by each expression of gratitude. Such action is incredibly nurturing, setting the stage for an encore (for more.)

As gratitude begets itself, it needs nothing external to be reborn. And, the more you embrace it, the more delighted you become. If you are grateful for what is, you will foster that which will be, in other words a never-ending series of constructive manifestations.” ~ Rudolph Valentino

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Wayne : May 28, 2011 7:31 am : Reflections & Ruminations, Voce Valentino Blog

I want to express my heart-felt thanks to everyone (in the body and out) who supported this project since day one. I could not have birthed this book without you. I also want to thank the readers, those of you who, sensing a rapport with the material and its presentation, are taking the next step by purchasing it and finding out what’s inside.

Still marveling about Valentino Speaks finally being ‘out there’ in the world. It feels really wonderful. And, am delighted with the feedback thus far, which has been uniformly positive. Here’s to a long and productive life, if I can use that analogy. May Valentino Speaks be as helpful to you in the reading as it was to me in the writing!

“What is more priceless than sharing? To share is to love. It is that simple. In fact, each instance of sharing is an act of pure love, coming straight from the heart. Loving and sharing are synonyms, both God-like activities. Here again, gratitude is the attitude to have. Be grateful when you are able to share with others. Likewise, accept their gratitude for your having shared something with them.”  ~ Rudolph Valentino


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More on Silent Film

Wayne : May 18, 2011 12:21 pm : Rudy Speaks, Voce Valentino Blog

“Let’s continue our discussion of the unique opportunities that silent film presents and also hope, at the same time, for a resurgence in its popularity. Could happen, you know. What’s old is often new, especially when we decide to look at it from a different perspective. Well, silence offers us an opportunity to focus. It narrows our attention spans, making us often more laser-like in our affectation. Lost we become in our eyes with the ‘word’ removed from the equation. Word, while powerful when combined with sight, is replaced in silent film with the phenomenon of music, a clearer and more definitive representation of vibration. The spoken word can divert sometimes, add complication ~ ambiguity, if you will, while the combination of a visual with music takes the viewer to a special place, dare I say to a context where the experience is heightened and therefore ingested, digested and excreted into something new, all within the speed of the eye of a gnat.”  ~ Rudolph Valentino




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Valentino on Silent Film

Wayne : May 12, 2011 7:54 am : Rudy Speaks, Voce Valentino Blog

Valentino comments about himself, his purpose, his relationship to silent film and that art form in general:

“As an actor, it was my express purpose to make people think and silent pictures, devoid of language except for intertitles and that which was primarily imagined, were wonderful vehicles for achieving that goal. Moreover, I was meant to be inspirational, to move audiences to a higher level of thought. What you may perceive of as entertainment, therefore, may instead be considered a form of advanced education.

There’s a purity evident in silent film that is second to none. The elaborate ruses, the exceptional muses, the shortest of fuses, all these can be depicted with fierce intensity, to an even greater degree than in talkies. Fact is, the eye sometimes catches more than the ear. This is a premise that I can ascribe to, especially given my experience in the movie industry. The eyes tell it all, on screen and off. Again, a narrowing of the aperture, that is what watching a silent film affords, in a way very much like meditation. Indeed, most of our dreams are like silent movies. Nothing need be said in order for them to be salient.” ~ Rudolph Valentino


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Benvenuti (Welcome!)

Wayne : May 3, 2011 10:22 am : Reflections & Ruminations, Voce Valentino Blog

Welcome to Voce Valentino Blog, a forum for musings of all sorts, with both myself and the essence of Rudolph Valentino as the sources, on any number of subjects. This includes outtakes and sidebars from past channeling sessions, i.e., things that did not make it into the book. Please feel free to comment, as you see fit, with the caveat that your remarks be respectful, and for the enlightenment and edification of all concerned.

Am delighted to report that Valentino Speaks is now available for purchase in both print and Kindle versions via amazon.com and also may be ordered through any bookstore that has access to either the Ingram or Baker & Taylor distribution networks.

So what about channeling and, in particular, channeling Rudolph Valentino? I see myself as a ‘bridger,’ someone who is able to communicate cross-dimensionally.  I did it before, almost instinctively, when I channeled my previous book, Letters from Janice. With Valentino Speaks, however, my intention was all the more conscious and direct. That this phenomenon is even possible requires a suspension of disbelief, of course, but I suspect that because you’re reading this blog you have already decided to do just that! Please take a look at the article on automatic writing on “The Author Speaks” page for a better understanding of the process, also to get a sense of how the Valentino essence views it.

Incidentally, I am not the first person to channel Rudolph Valentino nor am I likely to be the last. The fact is that his is an energy that communicates in a variety of ways with lots of different people, maybe some of you ~ an idea that’s worth exploring. If you feel that somehow you have been touched by the spirit of Rudolph Valentino, please share your experiences!

What Rudy has to say in Valentino Speaks is simultaneously eye-opening, supportive, loving, consciousness-raising, witty, charming and evolutionary in scope. He tackles a wide range of topics with great aplomb, giving us ways of thinking about them that we might never have considered before. And, he does it with an open heart, just like an icon of love might be expected to do. This book is not a commentary on a life-time that was. Instead, it focuses on the NOW and is a compilation of one soul essence’s points of view, the distillation of the totality of his experience to date, in all times and places. “Le stelle non smettono mai di brillare” (stars never stop shining.) Truer words were never spoken, and this is especially the case where Valentino is concerned!


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