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Valentino Filmography: “The Conquering Power”

Wayne : October 7, 2011 7:22 pm : Valentino Filmography, Voce Valentino Blog

Metro Pictures, 1921 ~ directed by Rex Ingram. Valentino comments on his role, certain aspects of the story line, and a couple of the personalities that were involved in the project some 90 years after the fact.

“Well, there certainly was a lot of excess around that shoot, from the feverish visions of Rex Ingram, which translated in numerous ways, to the actual props that stood in for Père Grandet’s gold. A somewhat flat effort though the premise was extremely worthwhile. Alice (Alice Terry, Ingram’s wife) and I did know how to dovetail, meaning we were very complimentary on an energetic level. And, she was very adept at displaying an angelic countenance. Me = the ‘roué,’ personifying the height of excess from the other side of the coin. As opposed to my uncle in the film, I was both spendthrift and libertine.

I did find the big party scene amusing, especially certain images, and there were all sorts of little details I added, sometimes much to Rex’s consternation or chagrin. A potboiler in some sense yet the basic story, the redeeming quality of love, overshadowed the proceedings. Metro brass kept their hands off this one so the final product was mostly Rex’s, petulant as he sometimes could be. The script was a little creaky as novels often create that effect when turned into screenplays. Virile I was in that part though dandified too. My comeuppance forced me to re-assess, and the purity of love I realized with Alice’s character smote me, in the best way possible. I was transfigured, and transformed, by the love of a good woman. Gold, on the other hand, was an instrument of death, as it actually often is, in one manner or another.” ~ Rudolph Valentino

This film is also referred to in the essay on “Eyes” in “Valentino Speaks.”

“In one of my films, I wore a monocle. Very fitting because in that role my character’s sight was limited due to the circumstances of his birth. However, with the help of love, the conquering power, he eventually learned to use both of his eyes to see what was before him.” ~ Rudolph Valentino


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Why this book?

Wayne : September 17, 2011 5:26 pm : Rudy Speaks, Voce Valentino Blog

(Speaking to the author) “A shower of sparks, a coming together, is what we are witnessing. A completion is at hand, a job well-done (referring to the publication of “Valentino Speaks.”) We can both be extremely proud of our labors, carried out, as they were, in good conscience and love. I love the Universe, and all of mankind. That is why this book: as a demonstration of the power of love, as proof of the continuity of all life, as a dynamic that cannot be refuted. I am a witness to the brilliance of stars, not from any personal space, or ego base, no, but rather as a reflection of the Whole, the congruence and confluence that is love.

Here is the best way I can ever say it. Why this book? Why not? A culmination of my offerings, an evolutionary tale, what I know I know, and what I will know, simultaneously ~ presented with a pretty bow, ducks all lined up in a row. Yes, I’ve offered a complete package, one that is both viable and vital, “what the Valentino essence would have us know.” Does that sufficiently answer the question?” ~ Rudolph Valentino


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Wayne : September 4, 2011 6:03 pm : Rudy Speaks, Voce Valentino Blog

Though others this have said, ‘tis indeed true, Love is the glue whose purpose, among other things, is to fill in what we might perceive of as empty space, creating a coherent Whole ~ be it micro or macro. Love binds us to each other as well as to the dimensions we inhabit. In essence, it’s our reason for being, THE reason why every-thing IS. So all-encompassing are its perspectives that for all practical purposes Love is unfathomable. Having neither sides nor bottom, it cannot be plumbed.

Love’s implications never cease to amaze. Born of the heart, it blazes across the sky like a shooting star. Indeed, it has rightly been said that experiencing Love, especially for the very first time, feels like a magic carpet ride. 

Although they are essentially synonymous, Love is even larger than Life. In fact, it’s the biggest concept there is. I want you to really understand that Love is the force that animates us. There is no other. For all of us, that is to say we who are and ever more shall be, it bespeaks commonality, the feeling of being AT-ONE.

Love works however it’s offered ~ as a sumptuous feast in the mansion of a rich man or as crumbs on a pauper’s table. Love is, in and of itself, all that we truly ever need!”   ~ Rudolph Valentino


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Blanca, Jean, and Pola

Wayne : August 26, 2011 10:43 pm : Rudy's Personal Life, Voce Valentino Blog

Three ‘Significant Others.’ From his current vantage point, the Valentino essence describes some of the dynamics he had with each one.

Blanca de Saulles: “Yes, I had feelings for her ~ a young man’s passion, an unattainable woman, someone who could teach me a thing or two. We tangoed in a sexual way but did not mate in the true sense because we were not soul-compatible. But we did dabble in sensuality, on the dance floor and off. She tickled my fancy, that’s all. Taught me about “le haut monde” too (High Society.”)

Jean Acker: “She was a pal more than anything else, like the character “Moran” I would say ~ someone to do things with while commiserating on the vagaries of life. Not a soul mate but a gift, nonetheless. Embarrassing it was to marry without a wedding night but she did spark me to delve into my own psyche as a result, to reflect on what I really wanted. We reconnected, as you know, later in life. A good person though in that life-time her personality was somewhat obtuse.”

Pola Negri: “Pola/NOLA. She was like the city of New Orleans, an endless “fête,” always ready for a lark. Restless she was and high-strung but very secure in herself and adept at creating an image. She helped me burnish mine, to cement my place in the pantheon of lovers. She doted on me to a certain extent and I basked in the attention, a much different dynamic than I had with Natacha, who was more cerebral and reserved.” ~ Rudolph Valentino




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June Mathis

Wayne : August 17, 2011 6:46 pm : Rudy's Personal Life, Voce Valentino Blog

Question: did you attend séances with June Mathis?

“Yes, I did indeed attend a few with her, voice mediums and more informal gatherings where we called out to those on the Other Side, imploring them to respond. And talk they did, though not always in complete sentences. June was quite a fan of automatic writing, a ‘seraphine’ of sorts. Had an angelic voice too, her inner self I mean, in tune with the ages. It was old hat for her, that sort of work.” ~ Rudolph Valentino


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Natacha Rambova

Wayne : August 11, 2011 10:01 am : Rudy's Personal Life, Voce Valentino Blog

Question: as Rudolph Valentino, did you have a true love?

“My Mother was one and in her fashion, Natacha. And of course there were others too, glimmers I would call them rather than full-fledged loves, of all colors and stripes. Yes, like a multi-colored flag is love, any part of which is extremely rewarding. We all have some experience with true love while in the body. That is just one of the things we come to know more viscerally. Ecco fatto (there you have it.”) ~ Rudolph Valentino

Question: are you and Natacha in contact now?

“We are not together per se in the Great Beyond. Our work has been completed. Actually, we finished what we had to as Rudy and Winifred, who she really was ~ as you know. We can communicate freely in the Astral, as desired, but we do not gravitate. I would liken it to old friends/flames who keep in touch from time to time. That said, we have tender spots for each other. She communicates with some in the flesh also, mostly around the arts and creativity. Muse-like she is and still with a preponderance of female energy.” ~ Rudolph Valentino


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Astral Plane

Wayne : August 4, 2011 9:16 am : Rudy Speaks, Voce Valentino Blog

“We must again discuss how nigh is the Astral. It is so close that we have only to peel away the veneer. The Astral Plane is the real. The Earth Plane, on the other hand, is like a painted flat in a theatre, without much depth. Think of it as a beautiful oil on canvas, the colors of which are continually blending and reformulating in new and exceptional ways. Know then that the screen upon which we dream while in the body is nothing but a screen, and we always have the power to change what is being projected.

Most people don’t consider the Astral much until they have a brush with death. One of the goals of this book is to make it more prominent in people’s minds, not to engender obsession but to create balance, and to remind everyone that what lies within the scope of their vision is not the only truth.” ~ Rudolph Valentino


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Wayne : July 29, 2011 5:17 pm : Rudy Speaks, Voce Valentino Blog

Hugging is akin to eating comfort food, also like being rocked, and oh how we all love that! Hugs are joy incarnate, a tangible lesson in being AT-ONE. Whenever two people embrace, the Universe smiles and Love is realized, solar plexus to solar plexus. The effects? Healing, nurturing, being able to go inside each other without penetrating the boundaries of the flesh. Indeed, we could equate hugging with a soul to soul rendezvous ~ an alignment opportunity that goes far beyond the two entities in question.” ~ Rudolph Valentino


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Valentino Filmography: “Moran of the Lady Letty”

Wayne : July 23, 2011 6:41 pm : Valentino Filmography, Voce Valentino Blog

Question: what is your favorite film and how do you remember it?

“Actually I had several but will pick one today to discuss that is often overlooked in my lexicon of performances. Paramount wanted a hit so they came up with an offbeat story in the form of Moran. Do you think the title character was written as a lesbian? No, but as a woman doubtful that a man could fulfill her, at least not the kind that frequented her father’s ship. An interesting pastiche, Moran. I had to tip her over, so to speak, make her more supple, encourage her to be open to love. This I did and I stretched in my role as did Dorothy (Moran was played by Dorothy Dalton) in hers. We were pals and conveyed that fact in the scenes we shared. I got her (or rather my character got her) to crack open the door, the one that leads to the heart ~ where passion lies, sweet and artfully constructed. Out of my character’s element too; actually both of our characters were ‘at sea’ by dint of being together, of attempting to be a couple.

I felt carefree in this role, like I did not have to prove a thing. The physicality came easy. I relished the fight scenes, and there was a moral: even odd ducks find love, and tenderness is afoot in the strangest of circumstances. Life-changing events, that’s what took place in “Moran.” Audiences did not appreciate this film at the time but in retrospect we could have improved on some of the details.

Salt of the earth meets a salt of the sea, or playboy meets working girl, a theme as old as the pyramids. There was some sadness too, wistfulness, as both characters are a little out of the mainstream in relation to their peers. Moran and Ramón had that in common. Dandy goes to sea and finds out he loves it, also loves a girl who is rather strange for the most part, definitely not the lacy sort or the landlubbing kind. The villains were fun too, broad strokes. Certainly not a masterpiece yet on some levels instructive, this was “Moran of the Lady Letty.” ~ Rudolph Valentino


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Wayne : July 12, 2011 11:52 am : Reflections & Ruminations, Voce Valentino Blog

Another term for channeling, i.e. creating a link between the physical and non-physical worlds.

What can “Valentino Speaks” do for you?

Stretch your consciousness; in fact, think of it as a cosmic taffy pull, also an invitation to tango with a master dancer.

How to describe it?

In a word, transformational; you cannot not see at least some things differently once you’ve read it. Indeed, this book is intended to expand awareness and thereby further sensitize the reader to the myriad of potentials and possibilities that are constantly in our energy fields, waiting to be actualized.

Is “Valentino Speaks” also about Rudy and his most recent life-time?

Very much so yet at the same time only tangentially. Certain people, places and things are referenced for a reason, as teaching devices, a context in which to speak his truth.

What will people gain from reading this book?

Personal insight, wisdom and greater sense of alignment with themselves and the “All That Is.” Strategies for thriving in the midst of momentous change. And for those who are ready, it can lead to quantum leaps in consciousness. Warm, witty, breezy and engaging, “Valentino Speaks” successfully combines metaphysical thought with fun and a sense of adventure.


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